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Forums Feedback New colour suggestion?

Donator — #Roy4Mayor Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/30 01:30:59 )
I've been desperately wanting to create some dark elf/Drow Avis, but it's a bit tricky when we don't have a dark grey between Coal and Storm.

I know I could use Midnight, but it just doesn't quite look right for the base or clothes to me 😅

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2024/05/30 04:21:50 )
I would love to see another shade of gray.

However, I'm not sure how doable adding a new color at this point is. They're have to recolor every common that's in every shop, which is a lot of items at this point.

And every monthly item and orb item that's been released over the years will be kinda obviously missing that color. Like, they could add the color to the common shops, but hundreds of the limited items will be missing that color forever and it might be weird. If only they'd added it in the first year or so... maybe if there's a resurgence on the site and they can hire an extra artist to do all the work..
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Donator — #Roy4Mayor Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2024/06/24 19:34:11 )
@Lina: I think they use gradients, so the recolouring wouldn't be too awful, but we do have a pretty large number of commons

I'm not sure monthly and orb items would be too much of an issue since as not all those items have every colour, most of them only have 3-4 colour combos

I tried not to get too carried away, lol, I wish we had,a slightly more pastel purple than Lavender (Lilac is too pink to my eyes)
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