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Npc Posted 2 years ago
A Guide to Voltra Crates!

I've noticed that there has been some confusion about crates, so I've decided to create this topic to thoroughly go over every aspect of our crate system. Please let me know if there are any questions or points that I have not discussed and I'll answer/update to the best of my ability.

This thread is exempt from the necro-posting rule, so please do not be afraid to ask questions if you have any!

What are they?
Crates are essential for Voltra's existence since they contain our monthly donation items. With your support for Voltra we are able to pay for server costs, site art, and more!

What's inside?
Each crate contains 3 sets. You'll have the option to chose between the 2 monthly sets, with the chance at being granted a rare set upon opening! That means each crate has the ability to grant up to 2 sets!!!

When are new crates released?
New crates are released on the 1st of each month and will be available until the following month's crate is released; every crate will have 2 new sets. Some crates (2 consecutive months) will contain the same rare set; they are swapped out every 2 month.

How do they work?
Crates will be found under the "items" tab in your inventory. There you can select the crate and have the choice between which of the 2 monthly sets you'd like from that crate. Once you chose a set, you also have a 15% chance of obtaining the rare set!

*Please refer to the following video of the crates system in action!*
Visual presentation of opening crates, choosing crate sets, and obtaining the rare set!

So you've been opening crates and haven't stumbled upon a rare set yet? No worries!!! If you haven't obtained a single rare set after opening 9 of the same monthly crate, your 10th crate is a guaranteed winner!

How can a Voltie get crates?
After you donate to Voltra, you'll receive a specific amount of Ohms. (100 ohms = $1) Then, head on over to Ohm-my-gosh Imports to purchase your crates for 250 ohms each!

Asst. admin — Lily Posted 2 years ago
I'll say thanks for the guide! :D Good to have all of that info easily available for all the new peeps sure to come Sept. 1st!
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Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 years ago
@Fozzy: Thanks for the guide Fozzy! Really helpful~

Admin — He/Him/His Posted 2 years ago
@RainbowPanda: It's my pleasure! I was excited to write this up for you all because crates were an idea I worked on for a while. Haha Its always nice to solidify a thought and have others get excited about it!
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Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 years ago
@Fozzy: I totally agree! I am really excited about this and many more things to come. I know that you, along with everyone else, worked really hard on this site.

Donator — DirtyHobo Posted 2 years ago
I do have one question, I didn't see it in the guide, but I could have skimmed over it. Do I have to buy x amount of sets to wear all the poses or is it one item gives all poses I want to wear ? Sorry if this has been asked

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago
One copy of the item gives you access to 2 of the 5-6 total poses. You get all of the poses at once if you have 3 copies of a given item.
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Donator — DirtyHobo Posted 2 years ago
Awesome thank you again :D

Donator Posted 2 years ago
Thanks for the info. I like this idea a lot and once I buy 10 I get the rare set :D

Donator — She/They Posted 2 years ago
I absolutely LOVE that you're guaranteed a rare set after ten crates. That's fantastic.

Question, though: if you won previously, does that have any bearing on your next pull? Could you theoretically get two in a row, or is the system in place only for BAD luck?

Voltie — He/Him/His Posted 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for this info. Very helpful for a newbie Voltie like me

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Donator — squid Posted 2 years ago
@Addy: you can get a rare at any time. When you get a rare the counter resets, I believe.
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Donator — She/They Posted 2 years ago
@nyx: thank you! Good to know as well. :D
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Donator Posted 11 months ago
Thank you! This is very helpful.

[EDIT: Sorry! I just saw how old the thread is and I shouldn't have posted. >_<]

Moderator — The Dude Posted 11 months ago
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@Eldweena: Considering this is a sticky'd topic, and you're not cluttering the front page, technically, there'll be no trouble for the necroposting here. So don't worry, you're cool.

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