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Npc Posted 1 year ago ( 2018/07/26 16:00:00 )

Welcome to the Feedback/Questions thread for Voltra's
Official Item Museum! Here you'll be able to ask any questions you have,
that have not already been answered in the main thread, and share your
thoughts and opinions, as well as any suggestions you may have.

To make sure I see, please fill out this form for whatever you're posting about!

Hey @Lilypoo: I have a problem/question/comment/suggestion!
How can I help?: [write here]


Admin — Lily Posted 1 year ago ( 2018/08/6 01:45:24 )
Just bumping this up in case anyone has any questions or anything! :)

Admin — Lily Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/3 00:58:22 )
Wanted to bump this thread so that people see it and can be aware of what's going on with the Official Item Museum thread!

Note: We are a little behind getting things added and updated, but we will do our best to get this fixed asap! If you have any questions about any items, please don't hesitate to ask her or PM a staff member!

Donator — Kent-sama Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 04:45:32 )
Could you edit the banner for the ryuo orb post please? > o>

And any estimation of when we might see the cirque ad infinitum EIs? I’d like to show all the poses to a newbie but there are so many...

Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 14:25:41 )
I would love it, and to see the Voltra Item Museum fully updated! I've noticed that some of the images where broken, that where there before. for all to see, but arn't now.

Admin — Lily Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 16:36:31 )
@Kent: I will edit that in momentarily! Sorry about that ^^

As for an estimation, I don't think I can give an exact one at the moment but I will try to get one soon!
Thank you for posting and please let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

@Unicorn: We will certainly do our best to get it fully updated ASAP! :3

What do you mean broken images? There shouldn't be any... could you tell me which ones are broken?

Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 16:46:16 )
@Lilypoo: it was like frog prince, queen bee a few others it might be because of the image hosting site when there sometimes down but it was like that last time I checked. but there not now.

Admin — Lily Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 17:05:07 )
@Unicorn: Oh I see! Okay well thank you for letting me know that the images do that sometimes! Hopefully it's not too frequent a thing ^^

Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/01/10 17:09:05 )
@Lilypoo: I noticed when I was running the price guide, sometimes the images weren't working at certain times. and that was because imgur was down, and it seems to happen every so often. so hopefully it happens less hard telling.
Questing the following Ohms,
Soulcaster, Cybernetic Guard

Donator — Nyuu Posted 12 months ago ( 2019/01/30 18:30:50 )

Hello! I was wondering why there's items missing? I don't see the event items in here from the last two events, i only found them in the price guide. ^^

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Voltie — He/Him Posted 12 months ago ( 2019/01/30 18:40:14 )
@Nyuu: It takes a bit to get all the information prepped and ready to be added.
Due to this it may be delayed for a while until someone can get to it.
Sorry for the delays!

Admin — Lily Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/02/13 09:09:11 )
I will be working heavily on the Item Museum thread later today!
I'm so sorry it's taken so long for this to be updated. I will be sure to prevent this from happening in the future!
Thanks for your patience volties <3

Donator — He Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/02/27 02:29:07 )
@Lilypoo: hey, do you need help on uploading the items in the museum?
i can help you upload some if you want to, since i got nothing to do in the office today xD

Admin — Lily Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/02/27 19:17:47 )
@Raxton: Hey, thank you for the offer! I do have a couple people helping me now and I plan on getting this fully updated once the CIs are complete!

Also sorry my response is so late x.x I went to bed early last night and I've been dealing with my stupid computer all day ><
Thank you again!

Donator — He Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/02/28 01:42:41 )
Hahahhaha no worries, and glad to hear that :)

Voltie — they/them Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/03/2 08:37:07 )
Hey @Elithiya: I have a problem/question/comment/suggestion!
How can I help?: will there be an addition to show which person created which item? like in the surge it would be nice to know this especially for new users who may not know already
thank you kid!!


Admin — Lily Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/03/2 21:15:37 )
@owl: Actually yes, I was planning on adding this once the thread was updated! I'll most likely be creating a list on the first page and do it that way. It'll be easier than going through all the posts and doing it xD

Thanks for your question! I'll add that to the thread so others know that it's something that will be added! c:

Admin — Lily Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/03/3 06:42:23 )
- Added November and December 2018 CIs to their posts!

Will work on the rest tomorrow!

Admin — Lily Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/03/6 08:25:41 )
Hi peeps, just a quick update before I head to bed... at 3:30am D; I didn't even realize it got so late.

AANYwho, I was not able to do any work yesterday due to my mom needing to be taken to the ER (she's okay just in major pain and it was the only way to get her help) and doing a lot of other stuff. Tomorrow begins updating time again!

Thanks all for your patience while I get this updated. I'll be working on a schedule once the thread is fully updated and will have helpers so things should be more smooth from then on!


Admin — Lily Posted 9 months ago ( 2019/04/10 15:39:31 )

Added Cirque items to the thread! Sorry this is taking so long. I will do my best to get this updated asa. Thanks so much for all the patience!

Admin & Lead Item Tech

Lost my mama on May 11 2019, May she rest in everlasting peace

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