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Forums Serious Talk We had to put one of my cats to sleep :(

Moderator Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 12:08:28 )

Suddenly it went really bad with her. She got really cramped. So we called the vet and we could come right away. There the decision was made to put her to sleep :(

The mom of an old friend of mine who I still have on Facebook will also die soon :(

What a time to be alive.


Voltie — smol she Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 12:11:13 )


We had to put down one of my cats earlier this year... she also went so damn quickly and it's seriously the worst thing ever...
But It's better than letting them suffer!

Hope you're doing okay though... life can be pretty crappy all in one go...



Donator — f Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 13:28:56 )
    Aw no I'm so sorry :(

Donator Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 14:56:17 )

Sorry to hear

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Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 15:44:37 )

That’s really hard! I’m sorry that your cat got put to sleep.

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Donator — Baby Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 16:12:15 )
@vengeance: sorry for your loss. :(
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Donator — She/They Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 17:44:31 )

I'm sorry you had to let her go, but at least she went peacefully and with you guys nearby :0( it's always sad when animals die.

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Voltie — Cat Mama Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 19:10:07 )
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Oh my goodness. :(

I just came back here after another long hiatus of mine and this is the first thing I see. :(

I'm so sorry for the loss of your furbaby, Veng. I am the kitty mommy of 4 precious babies and I'm dreading the day that I have to say goodbye to them. Our pets always take a piece of our hearts when they leave us.


Donator — she, her Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 19:59:45 )
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I’m so very sorry for your loss.
It is hard and painful but your baby isn’t in pain anymore.
I lost my lovely in November and it still hurts, but it gets better.

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Donator — Your Queen Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 20:03:36 )
RIP to your kitty and I'm sorry for your loss.
I had to have one of my rats put to sleep a few days ago, he developed a brain tumor and they can't operate, so he just would have gotten worse.
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Interface support — Spectre Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 21:46:58 )
I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine the pain you're feeling right of my furbabies is getting up there in age and I fear the day I'll have to say goodbye. But I've promised to be there when the time does come. Too many people just hand their pets over for euthanasia and it breaks my heart to imagine those animals spending their final moments in a strange place surrounded by strangers and filled with fear.

Try to focus on the happiness and quality of life you shared. The human heart has an infinite capacity for love. I truly believe she has gone to that great big sandbox in the sky, and you will see her again someday. <3

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Donator — He/Him Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/16 23:44:32 )

aah im so so sorry ): i hope youre doing well

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Donator — Roleplayer Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/07/20 03:15:42 )
I'm sorry for the loss of your cat. My mom and I recently had to put three little kittens to sleep. We were planning on adopting them all, but one got really sick all of the sudden. We found her in the yard, unable to get up and she had black around her nose and mouth. She was diagnosed with Feline Panleukopenia. It's a very contagious disease and we were told if one kitten had it, they all had it. When we took another in, I still had them test her anyway. I didn't want them to put her to sleep if she didn't have, but she did so we had to put all three down. They stopped eating and couldn't even swallow water.
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