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Forums Entertainment what album do you have on repeat?

Donator — he/him/his Posted 4 months ago ( 2019/08/13 15:40:37 )

tyson pixel by alexis!

> this may or may not be a cheap way to get new music to listen to while thrusting my taste in music onto others uwu

> but i am actually curious! do y'all have an album that you currently can't stop playing right now? i know i do.

> Neotheater - AJR


Donator — She/her Posted 4 months ago ( 2019/08/13 18:35:07 )

Yes by Bradio (like a Japanese Burno Mars + Michael Jackson + Motown and Funk)
Chasing the Horizon by Man with a Mission (like early Linkin Park, nu-metal with heavy rock)
Finally by Namie Amuro (the Queen of Hip-Pop)
All of them are on Apple Music and the first two are also on Spotify. (Namie is Apple Music only)

By Ghost
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