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Donator — 0% Edible Posted 4 months ago ( 2019/08/13 18:04:09 )

[ Over the weekend I had been at a convention, it was loads of fun. One of my favorite things from this weekend, wasn't actually related too much to the convention however. Our hotel room's bathroom had the light switch on the outside. Which means anyone can turn the light off while someone is in the bathroom. I did this a few times. Twice to one person, and the once to another person. The light was only off for a few seconds. Only long enough to be startling and annoying. Both girls were good natured about the prank.

Well for some reason we started discussing DnD alignments in our local group's chat room. This prank was considered Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral. I can see the former, not the latter. But what do y'all think? What alignment would you give? Why? Debate and discuss aligning pranks. Or hell aligning yourself. I see me as a chaotic neutral kind of gal. ]


Artist — Princess Posted 4 months ago ( 2019/08/13 19:13:41 )

I believe you are right in your assessment of the prank. How I look at it is Neutrals do whats best for them whether its good for other people or not doesn't matter. Good people always strive for the betterment of others and evil strives for the destruction of others. Chaotic and Lawful are the means by which their goals are accomplished. Chaos is pretty much anything goes and Lawful will follow a plan and structure.

During my playtime I have found I dislike this system for making decisions. For example a lawful good may choose to execute a murderer if that was the law of the land but if the murderer in question was a kid then he might not be so quick to make the same decision. Some players make it a point to stick to their alignment and execute the kid anyway but I like playing with the fact that you do get to make the choice and it doesn't always have to be according to your alignment. It feels more realistic when a character doubts him/herself and maybe changes along the way based on the experiences they've had. Maybe a chaotic might learn from their lawful party members that structure is sometimes useful to further their goals. Maybe the lawful party member will learn from the chaotic one how to be more flexible. It's a good point of reference but I don't feel like it should be set in stone.

PS: Some DMs do reward you extra exp for sticking to your character beliefs and goals.


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Donator — 0% Edible Posted 4 months ago ( 2019/08/13 21:17:20 )

[ I agree with that. No one in real life is ever just one thing. We're all alignments at various points in our life. In this case I was rather chaotic with my prank. ]


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