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Forums Serious Talk it doesnt feel natural to feel happy

Voltie — he/him Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/10/9 10:00:48 )
im the kind of person who will soak in my depression. and i have no shame in wearing my depression on my sleeves for the whole world to see that im fucking SAD

but lately ive been making changes to my life. i joined a chorus that meets up every week, i take singing lessons every week to improve my voice and im ALWAYS singing, ive been practicing piano nearly every day.
im not used to being so active. but i noticed earlier today that due to being so busy with school and my hobbies, i havent had much time to soak in my depression. which is crazy to me, because my life up to this point has just been about mulling over trauma and shit.

im glad that i've found ways to move past that overly-consuming depression, but i still feel kind of wrong about being content or "happy" with my life. i honestly have no legitimate problems rn, im in a pretty good spot in life, i cant complain. and yet here i am complaining about just that. it doesnt feel right to feel right. what the fuck

Moderator Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/10/9 10:09:04 )

When you are busy with stuff you have no time to overthink things and that's a good thing. Nothing is wrong with being happy.

Voltie — Whatever Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/10/9 13:24:22 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

When you get used to something, having it change can be uncomfortable
Give it enough time, and you hopefully will adjust

Put ya guns awn!


Artist — Chaote Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/10/9 14:45:35 )
I'm about 8 years into my stable happy life and I still don't feel comfortable. I'm constantly like "Do I deserve this? Do I have everyone fooled into thinking I'm a good person? Probably everyone hates me and this is the worlds longest hoax." Sometimes my body initiates a depression for no reason, but usually it only lasts a day at most. But don't worry, happy is where you're supposed to be, no matter how you've been conditioned to think otherwise.
Ping me, Devil Daddy, ping me.

Donator — She/her Posted 5 months ago ( 2019/10/9 17:01:15 )

I love choir and singing. Keep it up.
It’s probably because it’s a new feeling to you that it feels weird. Just go with it.

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