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Forums Reaping Ritual 2019 Rags to Riches: Raffle Ended!

Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago

"H-Hey everyone... Boy, it sure is crazy outside isn't it? I wish everyone would stop fighting, it's actually a little scary... Hahaha....

Oh.. Wait, I know what to do! Let's try to bring back the true meaning of this holiday and have some fun!
Come join me and let's have some fun, you might even win some good treats."


Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago
Page Prizes

Event Currency Prizes
● For every page that ends in a 0 or 5, a random person on the page will win 10 Team Event Currency!
skettiyeti, Shadami, Tsundererra, Laufeia, Tsundererra, totalanimefan, Laufeia, strawberry, strawberry, Lina, totalanimefan, Shadami, Tsundererra, Raxton, Wildfire, Queen of Trash, totalanimefan, strawberry, Lina, Laufeia

Volt Currency Prizes
● For every 10 pages, a random person on that page will win 100 Volts!
strawberry, kiwi, tsundererra, tsundererra, Lina, Lina, Raxton, Wildfire, strawberry, Lina

Raffle Entry Prizes
● For every 20 pages, all posters on that page will win a Raffle Entry!
Page 20: Laufeia, Tsundererra, kiwi, shadami
Page 40: LordLucre, totalanimefan, Queen of Trash, Tsundererra, Wildfire, strawberry
Page 60: Shadami, Tsundererra, Lina, totalanimefan
Page 80: Wildfire, totalanimefan, Tsundererra, Queen of Trash, Laufeia, Priestess of Pie, LordLucre
Page 100: Laufeia, totalanimefan, Lina, Shadami, TeaTales, Tsundererra
Page 120: totalanimefan, ephenay, Miss Sandman, Shadami, Gobliin
Page 140: Lina, TeaTales, Priestess of Pie, totalanimefan, star2000shadow, ephenay

Special Page Prizes!
Page 100: 250 Ohms - Winner: Shadami
Page 200: Nefarious Guard - Winner: tba

Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago

To order your tickets, you will be sending a PM to me, Vivienne, with the amount that you’d like to preorder and how much it will cost! So for example if I were ordering 50 tickets for volts I would send a message saying “I’d like to order 50 tickets for 5000 volts please!”

Then at the end of the event when the entries close, you will receive a trade with a note of exactly how many tickets you purchased and the amount that you owe!

This will allow users to order tickets over the course of the event without waiting on trades or going through that whole process! Entries will still be updated daily but you don't have to pay until the end!

Just be sure you have the amount of volts and/or skulls/candy ready to trade when it ends or you may be disqualified from winning. We surely don't want that, do we?

Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago
The Raffles

How to Gain Entries
● The main way to get entries for the raffle is to purchase them!
    ● 100 Volts = 1 ticket
    ● 20 Event Currency (Skulls or Candies) = 1 ticket

● You can also gain entries by just chatting and winning the page prizes!
● Winners will be randomly generated but prizes will go by order!
● Entries will no longer be accepted after November 12, 5pm Voltra Time and winners will be drawn at November 13, 7pm Voltra Time!


Frog Prince
Queen Bee
Festively Fab
D.J. FURocious
Skunk Punk
Music Box Ballerina

Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago

1-80: Acid
81-85: star2000shadow
86-185: Totalanimefan
186-195: vengeance
196-275: Laufeia
276-305: Xaria
306-505: buggaboy
506-555: Zuzu
556-655: Priestess of Pie
656-660: star2000shadow
661-735: Shadami
736-770: Laufeia
771-780: cashew
781-830: Laufeia
831-840: vengeance
841-890: TeaTales
891-940: Raxton
941-1040: Hachi
1041: Laufeia
1042: Tsundererra
1043: kiwi
1044: shadami
1045: LordLucre
1046: totalanimefan
1047: Queen of Trash
1048: Tsundererra
1049: Wildfire
1050: strawberry
1051: Shadami
1052: Tsundererra
1053: Lina
1054: totalanimefan
1055: Wildfire
1056: totalanimefan
1057: Tsundererra
1058: Queen of Trash
1059: Laufeia
1060: Priestess of Pie
1061: LordLucre
1062: Laufeia
1063: totalanimefan
1064: Lina
1065: Shadami
1066: TeaTales
1067: Tsundererra
1068-1267: Priestess of Pie
1268-1367: Baku
1368-1537: kiwi
1538-1557: vengeance
1558-1607: inatlaka
1608: totalanimefan
1609: ephenay
1610: Miss Sandman
1611: Shadami
1612: Goblin
1613: Lina
1614: TeaTales
1615: Priestess of Pie
1616: totalanimefan
1617: ephenay


Npc — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago

Donator — Frog bless Posted 3 weeks ago

Oho~ another raffle.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 weeks ago

I see the Alicorn winner is here to steal that showstopper.

I won’t be participating in this raffle, but I will stay and chat for those who plan on joining.


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Voltie Posted 3 weeks ago
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ୧ʕ ⇀ ⌂ ↼ ʔ୨~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

YAY another raffle <3 love all the items :)

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you for hosting a raffle Vivienne. I shall have to purchase some tickets. ^^


Donator — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago

oh shid.....showstopper.......

Donator — Baby Posted 3 weeks ago
oh snap this is exciting!!

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 weeks ago

Yeah, I'm after that one too xD


Donator — Baby Posted 3 weeks ago
oh man I really want demonic and alicorn >_<

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 weeks ago

I can't remember which other ones I am Missing in the list. But good luck to everyone ^^


Donator — Baby Posted 3 weeks ago
everything on this list is good ahh I need it all >_>

Donator — Frog bless Posted 3 weeks ago

@tsundererra: If my luck is that good I'm headed to Vegas.
Mallow Tumbleweed
My sons.

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 weeks ago

Oh well much luck that you win something than!!


Donator — Baby Posted 3 weeks ago
*sits in corner*
Shop | Hangout | Quest

Voltie — Sha/female Posted 3 weeks ago

Dance in the spotlight instead. :D

Goal: hit 15k posts

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