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Forums Bug Reports Hey, my puzzle didn't spit out candy!

Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/11/7 19:45:05 )

I completed a 250 piece puzzle, and I guess somehow got logged out during the process of doing the puzzle?
So when I completed the puzzle it told me to log back in, which I did, and then... It did not give me my candy.

(And then I did a teeny puzzle to make sure it wasn't a bigger issue. It's not, the 25 piece gave me my candies.)
((And I am not at currency cap. I'm only at 520 for the day - the 20 being from the little puzzle I did for checks.))

Voltie — They/them Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/11/7 21:09:27 )

Unfortunately this is not a bug with the Jigsaw game itself but with Voltra automatically logging people out. I'm not sure why we get kicked out of log in sessions but I will try to look into it and see if I can't do something about it.

I can grant you 500 candies for completing the 250 piece puzzle. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Voltie — They/them Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/11/7 21:19:11 )

I went ahead and granted you the 500 candies that were lost when you got logged out.


Voltie Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/11/7 22:26:12 )

@Pathologic: Oof, yeah. Auto log out is inconvenient bc I take breaks from the puzzles to rest my poor crossing eyes. lol
But thank-you!

Donator — PomePome Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/11/7 22:37:21 )
oh dear thats unfortunate!
~Pls Ping me~
Nothing fancy to see here!!!

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