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Donator Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/8 19:27:09 )

I don't know if anyone's made a thread like this anywhere else, and I also know this is a forum for suggestions and complaints and this post might not contain either, but it's feedback none the less and I think the team deserves some honest recognition for the hard work put into this event.

For such a small community, this event has been one of the best ones I've ever participated in since I started using avatar sites (back in like 2005, I'm old OK) The items are gorgeous and it's so much more fun to receive actual items instead of those sometimes questionably pixeled one pose items that could be a common but is themed for the particular holiday and feels kind of last minute (looking at you, Gaia pretty much every other avatar site). Not that those are bad either! But it just feels like a lot more effort went into making the event something the users would really enjoy. The daily mystery puzzles are real nice to look forward to even if I'm a bit on the dumb side and the writing is fantastic. The jigsaw puzzles are amazing and the dev over them is wonderful, it's so refreshing to see a dev asking for and implementing advice from the community.

I could honestly go on and on about how outstanding this event has been and how wonderful the staff is for putting so much effort into the community, but it would be long winded, rambly, and very redundant.. so, I'll just say this: You guys are incredible and I want you to know the effort and hard work y'all put in has been noticed and appreciated.

Also, a suggestion to kind of keep this topic within the rules: Keep being awesome.
And can I also suggest some more bat items?


Creative director — he/him Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/8 20:10:50 )

full disclosure: you got me ugly crying with this and I guess I really needed to hear something like this

but it's because of users like you that we put in the effort and wanna make sure you guys have a great experience, and I'm SUPER happy to hear you've been enjoying it c': definitely makes it all worth it

but yeah THANK YOU SO MUCH. it helps to know what you guys like and dislike, I always wanna try to improve on how we handle events! o: (and to everyone else reading, never feel afraid to leave feedback, I thrive off it)
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Donator — Baby Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/8 22:58:54 )
I absolutely agree Fizzgig!!! No other avi sites haven’t really stuck out to me like this one, and this event has been amazing, it’s overwhelming! You can see all the hard work that goes into Voltra. ^_^
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Voltie — they/he Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/8 23:28:33 )
i loved the jigsaw portion of this event that allowed me to participate without posting :) not that i hate posting during events but during school its hard to keep up. very cool and also i like the items

Donator — They/Them Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 04:37:42 )

What Bioshock said ^ ^
I was super excited to see other options to collect currency!
That was a super cool addition.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 04:57:29 )

10000000000% with Fizzgig on this, and I’m so glad they made this thread. I’ve only experienced two other events before this, and this one leaves them both in the dust. The items in this event are like premium rig quality. I felt super spoiled whenever we unlocked another amazing item.

The story writing in this one was really good too. I skipped the stories in the other events because I didn’t know the NPCs well enough, and some of the writing styles were hard for me to follow, but I read every detail in this event.

I really loved Vontell’s interactive games and the jigsaw puzzles too. Just so much to do for introverts and extroverts. The only complaint I had was that people thought that by posting in the puzzle of the day’s thread, they thought they were contributing to the participation count when they weren’t. )x It might be because in the rules it says that even if they don’t do the puzzle and give support, it counts as participation (or so I think), so that might’ve confused people and made them go the lazy way. But, it helped a lot when the participation count got lowered, so I really appreciate that~

Ooooh man, it’s going to be hard to follow up something like this. xD Voltra doesn’t do a Christmas-like holiday, does it?


Donator — He Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 05:25:42 )

@tsundererra: we have winter solstice :)


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 05:32:18 )

@Raxton: Oh sweeeeeet! Is it usually as big as the reaping ritual? I need to know how big to set my expectations. :D


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — She/her Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 07:02:50 )

@ghost: You deserve all of the praise Ghost. Your art is so amazing and it brings a lot of life to the characters. It wouldn't be Voltra without your art.

The whole staff have once again gone above and beyond. Daily threads with prizes are a ton of work, but so is writing the story, drawing the art, piddling and uploading the items, etc, etc. I always think that Voltra has the best events of any avatar site ever, but once again they have proved why.

By Ghost
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Donator — thot Posted 7 months ago ( 2019/11/9 07:09:25 )

Winter Solstice is supposed to be a way smaller event, but who knows... knowing the gals and pals who take hold of these things. Always trying to improve.
For last year, it had an advent calendar and some forum games. (Maybe calling it advent calendar is wrong, but a similar thing, mixed with a 12 days of solstice thing?) So it was already bigger than it was supposed to be lol, but we'll see what happens this year. I hope it's something smaller but very cute.

But yes! Look at what they've done now, amazing stuff all around. I'm mainly a lurker, though I do chat here and there, so I super appreciate the puzzles. But taking part on the games, following the story which I'm like furiously taking notes on (we'll catch the culprit!!!), the art and god... the items... all beautiful delicious items... it's been super fun, I've loved all of it.
Well, you guys said it best, I'm just adding.

And yes, ghost mvp.
Thank you to staff who have helped too, you guys rock.


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