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Voltie — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 00:55:34 )
Anyone here like manga? If so, what manga do you like the most? Why do you like it? Also, what manga are you currently reading?

For me, my favorite manga series is probably Fruits Basket. I loved it the first time I read it, and two of my friends read it at the same time, so we discussed it a lot with each other. I liked all of the characters and the story. It was a nice balance of sad moments and lighthearted, funny moments. I also read the Korean translation recently when I found the scans online.

At the moment, I'm reading Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san.


Donator — Whatever Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 01:19:50 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

I have a bit of variety
I think my favorite at the moment is Chi's Sweet Home, but part of that may be due to the fact that I just watched the anime
I'll take a pic if I remember later of what all I have

Put ya guns awn!

Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 02:22:34 )

    the last one i read was ore wo suki nano wa omae dake ka yo, since i watched the anime adaptation. it was ok lol

    off the top of my head, i like yotsuba and ... a bunch BL, i haven't read that many lately unless doujinshi count

    i generally like more slice of life comedy stuff now compared to stuff with huge plots and tons of characters |D


Artist — Frog bless Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 03:43:57 )

I go through phases where I'll just binge read everything I've heard about in the last year or so, but then I'll stop and let it accumulate until I hit that phase again. Recently though I've enjoyed Dungeon Meshi.

Mallow Tumbleweed
My Sons

Donator — Whatever Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 04:32:46 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

Some may be a bit blurry

Put ya guns awn!


Voltie — they/he Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 04:57:43 )
i gave away most of my manga but i still hold on to my volumes of angelic layer, they are nostalgic. as for stuff i enjoyed reading more recently, dungeon meshi and dorohedoro come to mind. the latter is getting an anime soon which is pretty interesting

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 05:43:09 )

I really love Cardcaptor Sakura, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Gintama, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, and a few BL titles I can’t name. >3>;;

I’ve also been into the BTS webtoon comic because those are my boyssss. <3


Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 06:44:00 )

I like manga. I’ve read all of fruits basket! It’s so good but my husband reads multiple different mangas at once. It’s always in r/manga


Voltie — they/he Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 08:01:47 )
just came back here to add that i lied about giving away most of my manga because i just remembered that i kept all of my shonen jumps...i should Really get rid of those because i never look at them and they take up a significant amount of space whenever i move...but ugh, i loved them so much as a teen. i really was the biggest naruto fan...

Voltie — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 22:10:38 )
@Kitalpha hart: Ooh, I remember reading some of that years ago. I don't really remember it now, but I like anything with cats, so I probably enjoyed it. I actually only own a few manga volumes myself. Most of what I read is borrowed from the library or found online. The library here has a pretty good manga collection.

@pachi: I tend to like slice of life comedy stuff now more as well. For example, the one I'm reading now, Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san, is just about stuff that happens at a bookstore.

@Priestess of pie: I took a break for a few years and just started getting back into it again this year myself, so I totally get that. I've read some of Dungeon Meshi as well. It's pretty good~

@Bioshock: I remember enjoying Angelic Layer when I read it, but I just borrowed the books from the library, so I don't have any books of my own. Dungeon Meshi is good. I haven't read the other one, but I'll have to look it up! Some things are hard to get rid of for sure.

@Tsundererra: I liked Cardcaptor Sakura, Kuroshitsuji, and Bleach a lot as well. Ah, I like some BTS songs, but I don't really read webtoons. Also, I've fallen out of the Kpop loop this year due to being distracted by other things. I want to get back into Kpop a little bit more, but I doubt I'll be able to become as big of a fan of it as I used to be.

@Totalanimefan: Yeah, I've read the whole series three times I think, twice in English and once in Korean. I tend to read multiple manga at a time as well. It just depends.


Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 22:11:51 )

    @Starlight: i watched the anime version of that, it was cute :3


Voltie — they/he Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 22:21:39 )
@Starlight: dorohedoro is pretty bloody and gory, but it has an interesting contrast in that the characters love and care for each other a lot. just to warn u about the content since its pretty gritty visually.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/26 22:30:07 )

@Starlight: I saw your kpop thread in the undercurrent, but I didn’t know if it was ok to post in there or not. I fell off kpop for years, but BTS got me back and I had to familiarize myself with a bunch of new groups. It was bittersweet because just as I got back into kpop, one of my old favorite groups experienced tragedy and it made me feel bad for not keeping up with them. ):

You can get back in the groove again if you follow the right twitters and read the kpop subreddit daily.

Alsoooo, it’s cool that we like a lot of the same mangas. ^^


Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/27 01:04:10 )

@Starlight: Damn your Korean must be really good! I couldn't read it in Japanese. Well maybe I could but it would take a really long time.


Voltie — She/Her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/27 22:29:59 )
@pachi: Sometimes I feel like I should start watching anime again, but then... I never do. It is cute though for sure~

@Bioshock: Thanks for the warning! I don't really mind gory stuff in manga though, so I'll probably be okay. Characters that care for each other are always good.

@Tsundererra: You can post there if you'd like. I don't mind! Yeah, it's hard when things like that happen. It's still hard for me to listen to the songs of one of the groups that I like without feeling sad. I actually have been looking at the subreddit lately, and it definitely helps.

@Totalanimefan: Ah, no, I had to look up plenty of words while reading it. Sometimes I'd read several pages without having to look up anything, but then I'd have to look up multiple words on another page. Also, my listening comprehension still needs a lot of work, although it is getting better lately.


Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/28 00:06:33 )

    @Starlight: i get bored and check out the seasonals, it's a lot easier nowadays for me to just put it up while doing something else and half pay attention |D


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/28 00:10:22 )

@Starlight: Oh, yaaay. I’ll def be joining in when I can. ^^
And I know what you mean about feeling sad when you listen to older songs from groups that have gone through tragedy. It’s hard for me in particular to listen to their happier songs. )’:
That subreddit helps a lot especially when the anniversary of one of my fav idol’s passing or his birthday rolls around. Such wholesome support. <3


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Donator — She/her Posted 10 months ago ( 2019/11/28 06:17:58 )

@Starlight: still you got through it. That’s pretty impressive.
I feel like I’m good at listening because I listen to a lot of Japanese music and I watch shows in Japanese.

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Voltie — She/Her Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/22 00:59:50 )

I finished reading the third volume of Fruits Basket Another today. I liked it a lot, and it brought me back to the feeling I got while reading the original Fruits Basket~

Voltie Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/02/12 16:37:23 )

Oh goodness, I've read so many but right now i'm on a serious Isekai kick.

I'm reading Solo Leveling- it is a Korean Web novel that has an amazing story and artist


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