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Forums Mini Shops I'M GETTING MARRIED (A Request Thread)

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 21:39:06 )



Posted below are two (and a half) main categories for art that I’m looking for, and a plethora of items and volts up for grabs, so please take a moment or two and peruse?

I also have a bonus request for signature buttons and a banner so if you’re interested in being commissioned for that please let me know too so we can talk ♡

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 21:42:25 )

What I have to offer and how you stake your claim:

Chemically Powered
Cursed Prince
DJ Furocious
Golden Bird
Loyal Elegance
Magical Mystery
Punky Plasma
Serene Royalty
Sticky Fingers
The Bayou
Too Hot

Ancient Splendor
Autumnal Spruce
Bird of Prey
Fall Harvest
Lonesome Hero
Nefarious Guard
Sweet Cakes
Sweet Cakes
Woodland Fae

90k Volts
3,000 ohms

I also have Volts. Feel free to name your price there and we'll see what we can do! Additionally, the link below is also to a shop that I’ll be selling everything else I have to raise art money so if there’s anything you’d like there feel free to let me know:

Please use this form to make things easy for me!

Hello! Maybe I can help!
Examples of my work:
(links where I can see what you do!)
What kind of work I could do you you: (wedding graphics or fur baby art)
My preferred compensations: (Items you’re interested in or a value in volts)

Keep in mind that these items are also for sale for ohms (or art of course) in the Exchange so if you're interested in doing art please let me know so I can be careful not to sell!

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 21:49:46 )

Request One

Wedding Art:
I still need to send out save the dates and wedding invitations and if I’m being honest, I H A T E myself in photographs. I know save the dates traditionally have a photo of the happy couple but I’m hesitant because I’ll probably hate that and it’s my wedding. SO. I’m curious to see if any one of you lovely lovely volties has any ideas for wedding art!

I’m looking for:
Save the Date, Wedding Invitation, Centerpiece, and decorative graphics that may or may not incorporate:
My FH and I
Our furbabies
A stargazing motif
Fall themes

We love flannel print and plain tees and both wear glasses most of the time.
He's from Alaska so I sometimes wear his Alaska hat, and my family is Hawaiian so he's got a Maui hat.
I usually don't wear skirts or dresses, I'm more of a leggings or jeans person. I like hats and my somewhat curly unless straightened hair down. If I'm not wearing a tank top with a jacket or flannel top then I like looser fitting tops.
He's usually in jeans and a t-shirt + open flannel combo or just a t-shirt. He also likes hats, and likes wearing jackets and nice sweaters.

I’m looking mostly for art that I can add text over but if you’re interested in artistically incorporating the text into the piece DM me :)

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 21:50:45 )

Request Two

My cats are my lifeblood and so in addition to wanting to make them a big part of my wedding, I’d also love more art of them around the house! I’m looking for art of Prince, Molly, and Mona Lisa that I can put up in my home!

I’m open to all kinds of interpretations and styles, single pieces or just two of them or group shots! They all get along really well. Here’s some details about them in case you want to draw them in action:

Prince is 8 years old and has been with me since I was 16. He grooms himself and his younger sisters a lot and sleeps even more. He gets scared for his humans when they take showers and yowls for us and tries to help us escape the evil water room. When it’s time to eat, he waits until the girls have chosen their bowls or until they’ve had their fill before he eats. He’s very patient with his sisters and tolerant of me when I hold him like my baby. He really loves chin scratches, ripping up paper, potato chips, and shrimp. He’s a big, short hair green eyed tabby mix cat.

Molly is turning 3 very soon and is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. If you sit, she’ll cuddle up quick. When my FH and I cuddle on the couch, she sometimes climbs up to snuggle up to my face between him and I and often falls asleep with her nose pressed against my face. She’s really sweet to him too, but sometimes when he’s not looking she glares at him like she’s going to kill him in his sleep for taking my time away from her. She’s SUPER vocal, sounding especially pained if we pick her up to stop her from going somewhere she shouldn’t go or doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Molly also loves to steal household items and fresh fruits or vegetables and stash them for safe keeping (we once found a bath bomb, and whisk, a hairbrush, a broach, and an apple under my bed. On two separate occasions she snatched and hid a whole bunch of bananas too)! She loves chasing a laser pointer, snuggling with her humans or her siblings, and is very curious about the outside. She’s a small short hair green eyed brown tabby cat.

Mona Lisa is the baby of the family having just recently turned 1. She’s skittish around new people and commotion, but very curious about new things in the house. She enjoys rough housing with her siblings and her dad. While Prince and Molly were adopted by me and got to know my FH over time, Mona Lisa was adopted by us together so she’s strongly attached to him, more so than to me I think. She loves napping by the window and Goldilocks-ing the food bowls every meal until she finds the best tasting kibble. If you leave your food unattended, she’ll taste it. She has a couple of favorite toys, and her favorite game to play is fetch with her tiny pink fluff ball. She’s a tiny cat, so she often squirms under the couch and in the crooks of nannies of the house. She loves being made into a purrito! She’s a tiny short hair amber eyed calico cat.

Naturally, they all live for a good box sit.

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 21:58:48 )

Request (and a half)


I call this half a request because I don't have it totally together yet but I thought it might be fun to also get some art done of our Dungeons and Dragons characters and stuff. IDK but I'll probably put some stuff here. Definitely my avatar will go here because I love her and I've already gotten so much beautiful work of her look look:

Animal Crossing Koala
I've been playing an obsessive amount of Animal Crossing New Horizons (if you wanna be friends hmu we can exchange codes) so I'm also requesting art of what started out as my AC fursona but has evolved to OC city. Basically, I'm commissioning Animal Crossing style art of a Neapolitan (ice cream) themed Koala. Can be male or female as my vision is a huge family of them x'D Below are the pieces I've gotten already!


Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/29 22:00:39 )

by eleven


O P E N for posting~

Artist — #1 Elf Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/30 01:28:45 )

@cashew: oooh, do you have any information on your dungeons and dragons characters?


Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/30 01:48:59 )

Oh cool I'm excited that someone likes D&D haha I guess I'm gonna actually write up some stuff for them and I'll @ you again when it's posted? C:

Donator — Kent-sama Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/30 02:02:31 )
OMG I must draw your kitties! * w* I have varying styles so are you okay with three separate pieces with different styles or would you prefer them all in the same style? Please tell me which style you'd like most~

Hello! Maybe I can help!
Examples of my work:
What kind of work I could do for you: FUR BABY ART!! > w<
My preferred compensation: Soulcaster


Artist — #1 Elf Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/30 02:14:05 )

@cashew: i dont actually play d&d,i dont know how the game works. but from my experience, the characters are almost always interesting!


Donator — Whatever Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/11/30 04:33:32 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

Ach, I don't know if you'd be interested in how I draw
here I have different ways I do draw, both digitally and traditionally, but if you do decide to take me on, I will warn you that my iPad is super old and super slow so getting images online for you will take some time

Put ya guns awn!

Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/12/1 08:15:42 )

Accepted! I'd love kitty art and I'm happy to send my Soulcaster your way~
I personally love your first two styles and my FH says his favorite is the third so we'd love varying styles for our three furbabies! :D


Donator — Queen Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/12/1 08:20:11 )

@Kitalpha Hart:
I super duper appreciate your offer Kitalpha, but I don't think your style is
exactly what I'm looking for at the moment. Thank you so much though! ♡


Donator — Whatever Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/12/1 10:22:36 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

@cashew: my guess is that you're looking for someone who goes more realistic?
Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor

Put ya guns awn!


Donator — Kent-sama Posted 6 months ago ( 2019/12/1 15:36:05 )
@cashew: Awesome! I’ll get started as soon as I can! o wo


Donator — Queen Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/01/2 07:44:45 )

Hope all is going well with you! Just checking in on a status update on those pieces?
Absolutely no rush at all, just thought I'd touch base! ^^b

Donator — She Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/01/2 11:42:24 )
um so hi, I can draw art of your OC for items if you'd like?? I'm open to trying a wedding invite, but I'd prefer more info about what you'd like ^^;

Hello! Maybe I can help!
Examples of my work:
What kind of work I could do for you: Fullbody OC art
My preferred compensations: Im new, so I can figure this out later
Buying/drawing art for: Showstopper, Bouncer, Yes Dark Master

Donator — Kent-sama Posted 5 months ago ( 2020/01/2 20:50:27 )
@cashew: Oh, yes, I'm fine. Just been busy with the holidays!
I haven't started anything yet cuz I've been working on art for the secret art exchange.
But I should be able to show you a sketch or two soon~

Edit: Here are messy sketches for Prince and Molly. What do you think? O:


Voltie — She/Toad Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/02/1 19:55:10 )
Hello! Maybe I can help!

Examples of my work: Here's my portfolio - not a whole lot there quite yet but hopefully it's enough of examples
What kind of work I could do you you: I could do some FH and You art! I'm also interested in either your oc or DnD characters, I've never played it but if you have good descriptions I'd be really down to do whatever :)
My preferred compensations: If Showstopper is still available, I really want that one! If not, any one of these would be cool: Keep Warm, Floral Empress, Yes, Dark Master, or The Bayou

Also you two are an adorable couple
Bored? Forums slow? Join me in my 1 Million Page thread


Donator — Queen Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/03/15 22:27:49 )

Those look so great so far! I love them!
Sorry I've been MIA, wedding planning and such uhg.


If you guys are still interested in doing some art for me, PM me?

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