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Voltie — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/12/2 20:17:54 )
A place to keep track of all of my avatars, past and present!

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Voltie — She/Her Posted 11 months ago ( 2019/12/2 20:18:55 )
AOTW Entries


Voltie — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/9 18:43:31 )
Avatars From Other Sites
These are avatars I've made on other sites in the past!


Voltie — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/24 20:00:03 )

Voltie — She/Her Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/24 20:00:41 )

Realized I might need a couple more posts for this thread, so just reserving them now~

Voltie — She/Her Posted 7 months ago ( 2020/03/19 19:28:18 )

Updated with recent avis and AOTW entries~


Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/06/22 19:10:13 )

Updated with my last AOTW entry and avatars! I'm going to try to be somewhat active on Voltra again, so hopefully I'll be making many more avis to fill this thread with~


Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 months ago ( 2020/07/12 22:45:58 )

Updated! I added my newest avis and put some of the older ones under a spoiler. At some point I'll probably end up moving some of the avis down into the reserved posts under spoilers and just keep the most recent ones in the first post.


Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/08/16 04:41:01 )

Finally updated this again~


Voltie — She/Her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/09/20 22:47:35 )

Updated with my most recent avatars~


Voltie — She/Her Posted 3 days ago ( 2020/10/17 22:42:15 )

Updated! I found some of my old avatars from other sites, so I made a post for those~


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