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Donator — She/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2019/12/18 04:00:14 )

@Tsundererra: we may never know

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Admin — oink Posted 2 months ago ( 2019/12/19 04:16:57 )
@Saeyra: Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy that I’m able to help any way possible always. :)

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Admin — He/Him/His Posted 2 months ago ( 2019/12/19 04:28:35 )
I could not be happier to share the title of Admin with two Volties who are so kind, talented, and dedicated to our community.
@Q t e a p o n: & @Lilypoo: Thank you two for being my strongest supporters and OGs from day one!

We look forward to continuously giving our best to Voltra. Just wait and see what wonderful things our staff can do!
Love you, Volties!
If you need assistance or just want to chat, you may contact me anytime by ping or PM.

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2019/12/20 20:25:30 )

Congratulations guys!!

Admin — Lily Posted 2 months ago ( 2019/12/21 23:15:16 )

Thank you all <333333333

*hugs for everyone*

Admin & Lead Item Tech

Lost my mama on May 11 2019, May she rest in everlasting peace

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.