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Forums Entertainment falling in love with anime characters

Donator — He/Him Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 15:15:34 )

so you guys may know that i LOVE eugeo from sword art online, and i have a soft spot for haruki and sato from the anime ‘given’ (watch it, it’s adorable), not to mention all the male characters from mangas and manhwa comics
basically, i love anime guys

what are your favourite characters that you love?


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Donator — Trashboat Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 15:36:00 )
Kakyoin from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. And the second and third Jojo. xD they’re just so...cute >_<
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Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 15:51:06 )
Let's see... Broly from Dragon Ball Super, Acnologia from Fairy Tale, Garou from One Punch Man, Kanon from Saint Seiya... Those are the ones off the top of my head.
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Voltie — They/them Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 16:44:01 )

Noi from Dorohedoro.


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 19:07:11 )
there's too many to for me to list tbh....

Donator — She/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/22 20:02:07 )

I have three boys that I love the most in order of me discovering them.

First would be Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. 😍
Then Sanji from One Piece. I think I still like him the most after all of these years.
The newest is Gintoki from Gintama. I used to think that he was a horrible person but then after watching the series more and more I saw the real him and the rest is just a façade to protect him.

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Donator Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/23 03:06:52 )
There was a knight character I liked from an anime in the 90s when I was in high school: Allen Schezar from "Escaflowne." He had long, long hair and was very protective of the heroine. She was crushing on him hard and eventually he begins to return her feelings. But then she's over him and falls for this scrawny little kid who was rude to her the whole time??? lol It took me a long time to warm up to the change. Still love that anime, though. I've met several voice actors from the show in recent years and got them to sign my Escaflowne tarot card set.

Voltie — she/her Posted 1 year ago ( 2019/12/23 20:46:48 )

I used to flutter at anime characters a lotttttttt
Two that I can remember were Hak from Yona of the Dawn

Yato from Noragami

I dont currently have anime crushes tho, its been a while since I delved into anything. xD

Voltie Posted 1 year ago ( 2020/01/9 14:06:40 )

I have a few anime guy crushes throughout the years but I guess the ones that are recent is Shoto Todoroki from BNHA and Okita Sougo from Gintama.


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Donator — They Posted 1 year ago ( 2020/01/16 18:56:35 )

Oh man. My very first anime crush as a kid was Edward Elric. From Naruto, I always loved Kakashi and Shino. LOL. Oh, then Zolo from One Piece. Had a huge crush on Ren from Shaman King. (I was big into the manga for those last two, didn't watch the animes)

Then I moved to video game characters, man I still love Garrus and Thane from Mass Effect.

Currently I haven't watched a lot of anime. I dug Jotaro a bit because I'm a sucker for tsunderes. And in FFXIV, they're all my husbandos and waifus. LOL.


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 1 year ago ( 2020/01/16 20:42:09 )

Ahhh, I had a bunch because I kept going in and out of phases. xD My very first one was future Trunks from DBZ.
From there I’ve obsessed loved:
Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)
Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Kaworu (Evangelion)
Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)
Levi (Attack on Titan) <— Prolly the one who broke my bank the most xD
Rin and Rei (Free!)
Okita (Hakuoki)
Ren, Masato, Tokiya, Camus (Utapuri)
Kazunari (A3!)
Shokudaikiri (Touken Ranbu)
Kuroo (Haikyuu)
Joseph, Jotaro, and Dio (Jojo)
Gintoki and Hijikata (Gintama)
Mikorin (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun)
Kurose (Ten Count)

I think I got everyone, but if I think of any stragglers, I’ll add them on here. xD


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Donator — He/him Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/12/8 07:33:12 )
Sasazuka Eishi,,, 🥺 He's so!!!

Donator — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/7 08:27:44 )
Vegeta is my all time favorite character
But I will 100% offer myself to have Muzan's babies from Demon Slayer. I absolutely LOVE that man.
I also just love villains in general.
Dabi, Perfect Cell, Lucio (arcana), Tsukishima Kei, Lyon (FE)...more I'm sure...
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Voltie — CAKE Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/8 22:24:35 )
I love the ones that are sweet like cake, but also the bad boys and girls. <3


Voltie — Moody Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/8 22:49:14 )
Moody Says. . .


Levi Ackerman-Attack on Titan

Sesshomaru- Inuyasha

02-Darling in the Franxx

My three moods.

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But don't worry! I'll be back by next event.

Voltie — CAKE Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2021/01/8 23:03:50 )
I double stamp Sesshomaru!

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2021/01/12 12:44:01 )

Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket is my all time babe.


Donator — She/Crazy Posted 4 days ago ( 2021/01/24 03:59:44 )

Goodness. Too many to list indeed!
Why are they all drawn so well! -swoon-


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