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Forums The Undercurrent Room of Requirement

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2019/12/28 19:37:03 )

You find yourself lost on the seventh floor of Hogwarts castle, and while pacing around in front of a very odd painting of a man attempting to teach trolls to dance ballet a strange door suddenly appears on the opposite wall. Curiosity getting the better of you, and the instincts telling you to ignore it, you open the doors and enter a most magical room. Not needing anything in particular at the moment, aside from a way to get back to your Common Room perhaps, the room appears to be empty with but a single piece of parchment laying in the center of the room, as you approach the parchment you notice it looks like a map of the castle. On that map you find explicit directions back to your House Common Room and head off.
Everyone else has one, so I thought it about time that I make a thread of my own here.
Feel free to post, spam, chat, toss in random Harry Potter things you find interesting. Whatever.
I will be using this thread for all of those things as well and if you are interested in less spammy chats, head over to Hogwarts: A Hangout!

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2019/12/28 19:39:08 )
◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

I still have a blank page in my new 2020 bullet journal and I have no idea what to put on it.
It just sits there, blank and staring into my soul.
Judging me...

◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2019/12/28 22:07:45 )
◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

Rereading Harry Potter has put a lot of things about my own Harry Potter RP's into more clarity.
And made me realize that a friend and I have wormed one of her characters into too easily being able to control dragons.
We are fools.

◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2019/12/29 05:05:50 )
◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

Still trying to figure out how the hell Undertale was SOOOO hyped.
I was gifted the game on Steam (against my will, don't buy me things) and tried to play...
I could NOT.
The effort... I don't like iiiiitttttt.

◆ ❅ ◆ ❅ ◆

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/5 20:00:46 )

      I forgot I had this thread.
      Whoops. lmao

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/5 20:02:12 )

      Though I have been rereading Harry Potter, so all my focus has been on reading.
      I've been on a mini vacation from the online world because of it, too. lol
      I'm not good at multi-tasking.
      If I'm reading, I'm reading and that's it.
      It's good though, because I need to read more consistently.

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/5 20:05:11 )

      But there was also New Year's to contend with, too.
      Which was pretty great for me.
      Even if our burning of the Christmas tree didn't go as planned.
      (It burned up way too soon because we all though that bitch wouldn't burn.)
      ((She was still alive, I swear, but she still went UP.))
      (((I had a water hose on her though, don't worry. I take fire safety VERY seriously.)))
      ((((Am good noodle.))))
      But anyway...
      My sister called me her best friend and it made me happy. xD
      Sometimes I start feeling all mopey bc I think she doesn't like me but then something like that happens and I'm like...
      "Wow Ana, you're stupid. Of course your sister loves you. You guys are the definition of 'ride or die'."

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/6 22:41:23 )

      The instagram account I made for my bujo is getting a bit of traction!
      I'm almost at 20 followers, which in my opinion is pretty decent for me having absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Voltie Posted 9 months ago ( 2020/01/6 22:41:45 )

      I even made myself a pretty profile pic for it, so it looks all nice and snazzy. ^-^

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:01:11 )

      Guess who's awake and can't get back to sleep?
      Guess what time it is?
      ISN'T LIFE GRAND?????
      /screams internally

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:02:40 )

      In other news, I got bored again and rewatched Avatar: The Last Airbender.
      Nothing like a nice three day break from life to dibe back into that show.
      Still never see Legend of Korra.
      I tried it ince, but it doesn't really seem like my thing.
      It's just too different from the simple shit of ATLA.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:03:59 )

      Added a series tracker page to my bujo.
      This time I went with the smarter option and am only tracking individual seasons and not each episode within a season.
      I binge too much to make use of tracking things on an episode by episode basis.
      So hopefully season by season works better for me.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:04:59 )

      Up first might just be The Witcher though.
      I habe to admit it does kind of look interesting, even if I only see Superman when I look at the main actor. lol
      Which is funny because I've never actually seen a Superman movie.
      Like ever.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:09:40 )

      A lot of the other shows on the tracker though are still airing, so I'll have to wait until their finished to catch-up.
      Which is painful because biiiiiitch do I wanna SEE Batwoman!!!
      Ruby Rose is my second wife (the first is Kristen Stewart) and I love and support anything she does.
      But like... Don't tell my sister because we're at war.
      Because I'm a Suoerman fan and she's a Batman fan.
      But like... I don't like Supergirl, so she'd def mock me for life.
      Though I did see a rumor that they're making a Suoerman show with Tyler Hoachlin, who played Superman on Supergirl.
      So I'm excited to check that out bc mmm mmm mmm, Tyler Hoachlin is a fine specimen of human.
      (I'm a weak, weak person.)

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/18 12:10:00 )

      Beautiful people will truly be the end of me.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/19 00:27:42 )

      I finally got the sleep at like 4am.
      And then was woken up at like 9:30 or something because my uncle is loud as hell.
      I needed to catch up on sleep!

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/19 00:29:11 )

      Bit it's been a productive day.
      We finally got the Christmas shit taken down and put away.
      And now I'm sitting and trying to get my head out of my butt and try to ask my grandfather if we can go do a few things.
      I want to go exchange my coins for cash, then go buy a thing, and then go get some foods stuffs from Walmart...
      Sinole shit.
      Yet I'm sitting here, unable to begin the conversation.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/19 01:33:01 )

      Finally managed to have that conversation.
      He said Monday.
      Does he not know that I am IMPATIENT!
      I want my Thing!
      And then I showed him a picture of the nightstand I wanted to buy and he's all "hmm, I wonder if I have the materials to build one".
      I am torn between letting him look and saving myself $40, or telling him NO and buying the thing.
      Which will win?
      The guilt or the cheapskate.
      Place your bets now.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/19 20:20:00 )

      Ugh, there are too many freaking coffee cups in this house.
      Trying to put the dishes away is a nightmare.
      I feel like the whole kitchen needs to be purged of shit.
      Like the five million tuperware things we NEVER TOUCH.

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2020/01/26 03:10:12 )

      I wonder if i could just live in the Room of Requirement if I wanted to.
      Like, would that be possible?
      Just fuck with anyone else who wanted to use it by never leaving it so it wouldn't change and just...
      Stay there.

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