Volties, sometimes Bernard and his friends escape us and get into Voltra's system and cause problems! We thank you so much for helping us hunt them down, so that we can call Valentina to summon him back home.

The following are known bug issues on the site that are being researched and worked on. Make sure you check here to make sure your bug isn't already on the list--or we might already fix it before you can post!

1. Occasionally, avatars are not saving and outdated headshots are visible on the forums. Please visit https://www.voltra.us/forum/view_topic/23 to report these!

2. "New posts" bar that appears when a post has been made before you submitted your own post occasionally shows up on the first post. https://www.voltra.us/forum/view_topic/77

3. Issues with the mentioning system not detecting pings. https://www.voltra.us/forum/view_topic/182

4. Logged out randomly. This is not a bug, and currently Voltra expires logged in sessions after 24 hours. There will in future be a remember me feature, but for now the expiration will happen. Please be sure to keep your logins saved in your browser if you wish to log back in quickly!

5. Certain Samsung Browsers will not let you log into the website.

6. Reverting avatar does not fully revert, leaving some items equipped still on.
A workaround until this is fixed is to unequip all items, then revert.

If you do not see your issue mentioned here, please search the Bug Reports forum for any topics that may be related to your issue. If there is no open topics, you may create a new one!