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Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/13 21:43:49 )
    Okay so I love me some K-POP. What are some of your favorite groups/idols and songs?

    I love:
    2NE1 (fighting, love those women) - and the separate members as Park Bom and CL have released new music
    MAMAMOO (best vocalists of this current generation)

    I will say I just stumbled upon Rocket Punch’s “Bouncy”....and that SLAPS. I really love their outfits and energy while they perform it.


Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/13 21:55:50 )

I love Kpop as well, although I haven't really been keeping up with it as much for the past year.

Some of my favorite guy groups:
Stray Kids

Some of my favorite girl groups:
Red Velvet
Oh My Girl

There are a lot of songs that I like. I'll try to make a list of some of my favorites later~

Donator — She/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/13 22:22:27 )

I listen to Japanese music more but I do really like SHINee!

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Moderator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/13 22:49:49 )

Some of my favorites:
Epik High (my favorite. Also in my top 5 of most listened to artist)
F.T Island (I like their Japanese music more)


Artist — Lion Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/13 23:21:02 )
BlackPink should get a Grammy, they are like revolutionary and I adore them! They need to put out a full album already T.T but atm Lion by G-Idle has got me going!

Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 00:00:49 )

I'm not a hardcore fan like I used to but I do listen to them sometimes. The groups I listen the most are:
Red Velvet
A little bit of BTS

I'm mostly are into girl groups recently... I have no idea why =w=


Donator — Fujoshi Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 00:33:18 )

I’m a super BTS fan (just spent $400 getting my ticket for their concert in a few months and $100 preordering all their new album photo books), but I do like other groups.

Groups I really adore:
- TXT (Precious babies, I love their fun themes and I’m so glad they’re trying to be different from BTS)
- day6 (legit my group when I’m in a mood)
- SHINee (I used to be super into them when Jonghyun was there, now I kinda just follow Taemin’s solos)
- GOT7 (JACKSON IS MY BEST BOY! Love watching vids of them.)
- BTOB (I am in love with Sungjae’s voice more than any other kpop idol on here)
- MAMAMOO (10000% agree with you. Also, I am straight, but I would wife up any of them. They’re so pretty, funny, and talented. T^T)
- Blackpink (They’re so talented, but ugh, they need to release more songs. How are they going to decide to slowly release solo albums for these members when they barely have enough songs to hold a decent length concert?)
- f(x) (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, but I doubt they’ll make new stuff any time soon. )x I’m mostly following Amber’s new songs and vids online because she’s so fun)
- Exo (I got into them because Sehun was in this show I was watching, and his personality got me interested in his group.)
- Jessi (Love her so much! ToT)

Groups I used to like/kinda like:
- Shinhwa (This was like... 15 years ago. xD)
- Twice (Their songs are cute, but I got turned off because my students started hardcore liking them and shouting “TT” while I’m trying to teach them the alphabet)
- Red Velvet (Love their MVs and concept photos, but none of their songs have jumped at me)
- Monsta X (I got turned off because my friend would always watch this one member livestream his workout and after workout banana eating... EVERY DAY.)


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 01:50:47 )
    I wish I could just like everyone’s replies! I’m so glad a lot of people commented! A lot of the ones you guys like are amazing too!!


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 03:28:35 )

And here's a bunch more so I don't sound like a complete basic bitch:
Hong jin young
Wonder Girls!! (Im sad people don't talk about them much anymore)
Mamamoo (ofc)
Eric Nam
Jessi ( @Tsundererra: have you seen Jessi's reality show appearances? Lololololol entertainment gold!)
Lee Hi
Somi (she's a rookie still but outta my head is so catchy)

@KDA Drew: o m g i agree. But you can't put out a full album if you only have 9 songs. YG selling BlackPink short!!! They're so talented but they're being buried by their company's shitty, shortsighted promotional tactics. -anger- on th'other hand, an artist like Hongjinyoung (in an obscure genre like trot too) who's basically carrying her company spent like over 10 years in the industry and finally cobbled together enough singles for a full album. (To be fair she did do a masters in international trade in the middle of those 10 years). So I guess BlackPink still has hope?
Hong jin young worked her butt off going on the variety show circuit and doing festivals though. Im worried BP won't have the chance since they're on tour so much.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 04:02:29 )

@Eruca: Omg, I first discovered Jessi when I was watching a Hello Counselor episode featuring BTS. She was there and she’s so hella sassy. I just love the way she replies to everything and everyone.

YG just sucks at managing all their groups, and I feel so bad for BlackPink. I just got weary of that company after the whole Seungri scandal...

And ahhhhh, I forgot all about Eric Nam and Wonder Girls. I also really loved Girls Generation and Vixx, but haven’t heard from them in a hot minute. ;~; (Just glanced at my album collection to see if I’m missing anyone)


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 04:40:38 )
@Tsundererra: aren't vixx members doing military service? Or am i just remembering it wrong?

Eric nam is promoting in America rn! His new single Congratulations has been in my head for weeks. Isn't snsd's Tiffany also doing stuff in US? A lot of them are coming over the pond, it's p exciting imo.

TBH, YG didn't have a great promotional track record other than Big Bang. Lol But they really know how to pick talent. What a waste, smh.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 04:50:23 )

@Eruca: Ahhh, you’re right! I just googled and saw that quite a few of them are in the military right now. T___T This was recent too, idk how I missed this news.

I got a notification for Eric Nam’s US tour, but I’m too broke after buying my tickets for BTS. I hope I get to see him perform one day, he’s so pretty. (And I like his new single too!)

YG is good at finding the talent, and they seem to have a good sense of humor too (like the show they made Seungri do a while back), but it really does seem like they don’t know how to make the most of their idols talents (except for Big Bang, but so much for that).


Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 05:25:39 )
@Tsundererra: i get all my news from a friend so they already filtered out the important stuff from the clickbait for me. Lmao

Said friend also didn't bother to mention that BTS concert tickets were going on sale until 30min before when i was in the middle of a meeting so I missed it. But I'm not even that mad cuz I already seen them and tbh I like their older songs better than the current ones. If Ailee is touring, boy, I'm going alone by plane if I have to.

Tbh, BigBang has/had so many influential/powerful friends, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a lot of their own opportunities.

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 06:00:59 )

    @Eruca: YESSS AILEEEEEE one of the best vocalists ever to release pop music ever. Just amazing.

    Jessi is the baddest B to ever walk. She is dope as heckkk.

    Lee Hi needs more music she has a unique voice I need more from her. YG scouts the most amazing artists and then throws them in a dungeon.

    SOMI is dope. Birthday was a great song, period. I am watching out for her fr.



Donator — Fujoshi Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 08:10:04 )

@Eruca: I used to have a friend who sent me all the news of everyone, but she started slacking, and I’m only keeping up with BTS. That’s how I knew about the tickets coming weeks before and got in the fan presale. xD I didn’t go to their concert last year for the same reason you don’t mind missing out, but I realized that my best boy, Jin, might have to go to the military soon. I need to see them all together one more time just in case.

Yoooo, I had never heard of Ailee, but ya’ll got me curious. HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD ANY OF HER SONGS, HER VOICE IS SO PRETTY! She looks super familiar, but idk where I’ve seen her before. D: RIP my bank, I need to buy her albums now...


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Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 20:58:28 )

So, I started off making a list of my favorite Kpop songs, but as it went on it kind of turned into a list of one of my favorite songs from each group/artist. I only listed one song per group/subgroup/artist, and I only listed songs that have MVs.

Lucifer by SHINee (This was the song that made me become a Kpop fan)
Overdose by Exo
The Chaser by Infinite
Face by Nu'est
On and On by VIXX
Something by Girl's Day
Ain't Nobody by Ha:tfelt
Paradise Lost by Gain
Circle's Dream by Subin
Lion by (G)I-dle
Nu ABO by F(x)
Ice Cream Cake by Red Velvet
I Don't Need a Man by Miss A
Closer by Oh My Girl
Tried To Walk by B1A4
Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS
Shine by Pentagon
Hellevator by Stray Kids
Boss by NCT U
Touch by NCT 127
We Go Up by NCT Dream
Catallena by Orange Caramel
Step by Kara
Nillili Mambo by Block B
No Air by The Boyz
Crown by TXT
Every Night by EXID
Deja Vu by Dreamcatcher
Like A Cat by AOA
Hate, Don't Hate! by Dalshabet
As If It's Your Last by Blackpink
Lonely by 2NE1
Clap by Seventeen
Killing Me by iKon
Me by CLC
Baby by The Rose
My QuestsMy Shop My Closet

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/15 03:16:48 )
@Bonnie: good taste! (Oops I meant to sent to tsundererra to you but messed up my mentions ;; )

@Tsundererra: yeah... Honestly when Lee Hi signed her first contract when "she wasn't ready" (her own words), she had already put out soooo much good stuff. And now it's sooo quiet.... :c im honestl bitter

some of my fav Ailee songs are Home and peekaboo (why you think im in love with you), that was a solid ep.
One more thing im bitter abt is how ailee got cut off from appearing on music shows and music related TV in general when she didn't renew her contract. Like that's so freakin petty of her company. Im super pissed about that.

@Starlight: omg i Loooove Ha:tfelt. She went a different direction after ain't nobody, but imo, her later music is sooooo much more interedting. Did you see her Her newest single "happy now"? It's so dope and im glad she's out here representing a woman's perspective but still being real. Solidly regularly listened to her eps Meine and Diene for years.

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/15 03:39:03 )

    @Eruca: you’re good! Not a problem at all! xD



Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/15 03:49:51 )
@Bonnie: i meant "I meant to say to you what I said to tsundererra" but also messed that up. So yeah that ship has sailed and maybe we can all moved on.

On a kpop note, i am really into the shitty boss in this mv

Donator Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/15 04:31:28 )

    @Eruca: OH MY IM SO AWKWARD!! We most definitely can. The only Red Velvet song I like is Psycho atm.



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