I'm not just saying that the show quality is awful, but there is so so so much wrong with the show on many more levels. These aren't every point I have but they're some pretty strong ones imo

Obviously the surface level "awful show" things:

  • Overrated animation quality - people say it's the "best", but 90% of the time the animation doesn't line up with the vocals, and the og vocals are intended to be the English ones according to Thomas himself, so it's not just a dubbing error
  • The main love mess is an annoying disaster - I understand romantic tension in some ways, but this comes to an absurd degree, but it also leads to an absolutely disgusting issue in the show in the less surface-level sense
  • Characters are bland, 2-dimensional cardboard cutouts of what characters actually should be, especially with Adrien who's supposed to be one of the main characters (but side characters usually end up getting more screen time), the creater said on twitter (actual quote!) "Adrien is perfect. But his flaw comes from the fact he's not accustomed to the 'outside' world. His innocence makes him vulnerable. To sum it up: he' s not flawed. The world is."
  • In episodes featuring a "moral", it's hamfisted to the audience in a very poorly-written manner.
  • Very basic monster-of-the-week format
  • Bad track record of undoing any character development or possible elements pushing the overall plot forward by the end of whatever episode they're presented in
  • Horrible pacing
  • Bad character design
  • Huge continuity issues
  • Horrible voice acting

The less surface-level ones that are more important (especially considering this is a kid's show):

  • Marinette (The role model!!!) is a manipulative, lying, pretentious, holier-than-thou stalker who is played up to be always right (a couple of times are exceptions) but has caused just as many if not more akumatizations as Chloe
  • The awful treatment of chat as a meat wall but being constantly left in the dark
  • The poor reasoning behind why Chat and Ladybum can't know each other's identities
  • Lyla's (one of the biggest non-villain villain is just the main character but with amplified flaws and nothing redeemable

Anyway, I don't want this to be a circle-jerk, so if you're a fan feel free to tell me what I'm wrong about or ask for me to elaborate on this