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Forums General Chit-Chat learned an important lesson at work today

Donator — haunting Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/14 23:04:27 )

i work with my best friend. our desks are next to each other. we do everything together! i love her so much.

we both had an absolute meltdown today over a simple miscommunication. i'm her superior at work so she has to come to me for some stuff for approval, including new clients. however, i'm the only one that's really taking on new clients right now and everyone knows that.

so she came to me today saying how she was on the business2business facebook group for our industry and this woman in the group was complaining about how my front desk was rude to her while she was trying to set up an account with us. my best friend reached out to her to get her approved in our system and to resolve the issue with my front desk being rude. while she was telling me about this, i thought she was telling me this with the intention of giving me the client as well as for resolving the issue since i manage the sales team and front desk, so i was answering back to my friend with "i'll email her" and "she can call me, give her my direct number" and "i will set up her account" and things of that nature. but she didn't correct me and tell me that she actually wanted the client and was just looking for me to approve the client as manager. so she got really mad at me for stealing the client but didn't say anything, and let it build up inside of her all day. she was being so rude and mean to me today and i HAD NO IDEA WHY so i went to my boss and was like "i'm packing up my desk and moving somewhere else, this is unbearable" only to find out from my boss that she had gone to him and told him the same thing!

he sat us down individually and was like "look, you guys need to talk to each other or else these little annoyances will just keep getting worse. and you need to be civil at work. this is beyond my scope, you guys are friends. i can't upturn the office over this. work it out."

i guess it had never really dawned on me that i could communicate with a friend like that because it reads to me as telling her what to do. and she thought the same thing lol. so neither of us approached each other and were just actively avoiding/ignoring each other and bickering every time we had to interact all day. at the end of the conversation with my boss, he told me she had started crying because she thought we couldn't be friends anymore and then it hit me: this is my best friend. i need to talk to her. and i started bawling my eyes out and texted her begging her to come to the conference room so we could talk about it and we both stood there hugging each other crying about how dumb we are.

lesson learned: talking it out isn't just for relationships. it can be for friendships too.


i'll buy anything i don't already have with ohms

Voltie — She Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/15 00:09:35 )
Lol you two sound very similar. You should keep her close as a friend, I think 😋

yes, communication is super important, but nobody really communicates they way they should. I mean, in a healthy way...sad really. Especially in Japan, oh boy...super super indirect. Like, hidden messages xD
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