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Donator Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/2 23:58:25 )
Reindeer slippers for Christmas ^_^

Donator — She/Her Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/3 06:19:17 )
I am in need of some simple fairy/pixie wings as like a common so we have all the colors.
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Voltie — I'm A Boy Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/4 01:20:23 )

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Hair cutters and extentions? Like ponytails and such


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Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/7 18:00:00 )
@Lina: can you or someone make this horn
I already made it but as you see here, but I'd
really like to see it on my head avatar wise.

I made it on for an avatar body site wise but
it you do make it into an item and don't like the
spot it is in you can put it in another spot on
the head, I am going to be but I tried, I've been
meaning to make a Unicorn horn I even said so to
@ghost: see I made the unicorn horn, I said I would.


Donator — He Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/7 18:39:50 )

Turtles/tortoises or reptiles.
Tortoise shell, companion, claws, turtle flippers. Lizard claws, tail, companion, tongue, maybe a reptile skin, maybe that iguana frill.

Thanks Lunakiri
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Donator — she/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/8 08:35:02 )

I would like some ugly socks and sandals combos.
Maybe some birks and some crocs with banana socks.

Moderator Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/10 02:09:25 )

I have some suggestions and I figured I would post pics along to give a good example.
Kawaii clothes and hairs:

Webshop with inspiration:


Donator — Bunnies! Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/10 02:29:00 )
I don't see bunnies on the list, needs moar bunny items omg welps, before easter I mean, in fact every season if possible <3

Voltie — please Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/10 03:41:22 )
a cool weapon selection would be awesome!!! like a rocket launcher or a GIANT FORK XD

Voltie — He/Him/His Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/11 19:08:49 )
Ooh, so many awesome item suggestions. I can't wait to see them come to life in the shops!
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Voltie Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/11/18 04:46:23 )
more item ideas:

- a nailbat. Just because.
- Ice wings(like Cirno the ice fairy). That way, we can be the strongest.

Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/4 16:37:14 )
Sorry for double-posting, but...

- combat or hiking boots. Or something like Doc Marten's.
- I can't remember if someone suggested this already, but kimonos/yukata.
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Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/5 04:04:45 )
Unicorn is a deer until a
drowning in bubbles is an idea that was brought up in my charity by someone else
Unicorn horn gets made!

Voltie — Tenno Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/5 04:31:58 )
I just thought of this, but someone might have suggested it already. (If this is the case, ignore this please)

Maybe some hair that is double colored. Like it's Coal and Mint, or Mint and Bubblegum. It might be a lot of work, but coal and something else would work great first.
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Donator — Trash Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/6 03:18:42 )
Maybe some art related items?
Like a giant paintbrush, pencil, picture frames, etc~

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Donator — PrinCSS Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/6 10:37:11 )

    I'd like to suggest:

    band aids/plasters - nose, knee, cheek, forehead and or shoulder/arms etc etc
    laptop/pc/phone/desktop some kind of technological devices or something (hand-held or maybe in the background?)
    Not sure if they 'exist' in voltra but shh, it's a suggestion
    AND WANDSSSSSS like magic wands/wizard/fairy wands. Like a unicorn horn, special wood... with an option for shine/glow/sparkle or without :D

    I'd like a uni-tone Fluffy Layered Skirt because it looks lovely under the Suspender Skirt and I want it in Sunset at the bottom ToT


Donator — She/her Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/8 17:26:39 )

For commons could we have some more shorts options in the future (doesn't have to be right now since it's winter, maybe in the Spring?) Currently I believe that is only one kind of shorts in the shops.

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Donator — Alien Imp Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/9 23:52:11 )
Maybe some alien antennae, fairy ears, and fairy wings?

Donator — Easterbun Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/9 23:55:25 )
This is both a joke and a possible item that could be added later on—-but it’s mostly a joke.

Thicc thighs

Donator — nyan? Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/12 17:36:21 )
neko says;
I want braclets or wrist bands so bad. It would help so much when trying to make cohesive colored avatars .

sell me rigs please♥

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