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Donator — nyan? Posted 2 years ago
@Lina: yasss thank you

Donator — ...... Posted 2 years ago
Anyone mention wraps/bandages yet? And as for I think steampunk and industrial punk/goth would work well.

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago
Steampunk you say? Don't be silly there's totally no plans for anything relating to that!
*shoves a bunch of things under the carpet*
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Donator — ...... Posted 2 years ago
...-blinks and innocently walks away-

Voltie Posted 2 years ago
I would love to see some antlers! Big ones and small!

@ me to get my attention or I probably won't respond

Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago
mermaid stuff
a black cat pet/companion item
a siamese bc no one ever does them

Donator — nyan? Posted 2 years ago
I would love cute little blushing cheeks and eyelash extensions. I'd also think scarves, hoodies, hair clips, and bandanas would add nice flair.

Donator — Female Posted 2 years ago
I'm glad someone suggested Panda items!
We need some clouds and rainbow.

Donator — Local birb Posted 2 years ago
Bird beeks, corvid themes, books!!!!

Donator — ...... Posted 2 years ago
Something to do with coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions. The artists are hard at work making items. (Mostly the ones due September 1st) but expect more commons to be coming too!

We already each have long lists of what we hope to do, but keep the suggestions coming. Not all of this is things we've thought of. And themes are great for crate items!

Donator — He Posted 2 years ago
Bowtie... just like the one in the frizz cape set
Animal onesies
Hair mods? maybe like highlights for current + future hair
Kimono, yukata, japanese stuff?


as for themes, some themes i would love :
Royalty vs Hobo?
- Royalty : like crowns, fur cloak, fancy things
- Hobo : Newspaper + cardboard equipments, beard body mod, flies above head, etc

Celeb vs Civilians
- Celeb : Red carpet, fancy tuxedo, sunglasses, bodyguard?
- Civilians : Diffrent kinds of working clothes?

Past vs Future
- Past : giant club, cavemen shirt, stony things, pterodactyl, dinosaurs... basically the finstones lol
- Future : some cool robotic & futuristic stuffs, flying cars, high tech stuff

Donator — She/Her Posted 2 years ago
80s raver items. Like the short tight skirts, leggings and tights with holes, net/mesh fingerless gloves (shirt and long), and left warmers.

Also, are you going to delete the suggestions off the list as those types of items get added?
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Illustrator — he/him Posted 2 years ago
90s fashion, bomber jackets, sock garters, nice suits, dishevelled suits, bruises, face stubble
somber kings

Voltie — He/They Posted 2 years ago
-Over one shoulder braid
-Over both shoulder twin braids
-'Fancy prom' updo
-Two toned hair styles

-Kitty/bunny stockings
-Slippers of all kinds
-A halo made of fish

-Elemental styled hair (aka fire, wind, water, etc)

-A winky face (love dVa!)
-Kissy face
-Two toned eyes
-Alternatively, eyes posable on one side each?
-Demon/all black eyes

-Bloody mods
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Voltie — They/Them Posted 2 years ago
I've got theme ideas
What about Egyptian Theme stuff such as:
- makeup
- hairstyles
- clothing
- headdresses
- staffs
- Schenti's (falls under clothing)
Etc... can't think of much more right now.

Also Greek theme
Such as like...
- Marble statue skin maybe?
- Togas
- Grecian sleeve dresses
- Sandals
Ya know, Greek stuff. I can't think of many cause yeah I'm lame but I'll post more ideas if I get more. hehe

I didn't see these themes suggested so that's why I brought them up. If the items have been suggested though I'm sorry. D:

And I thought saltine crackers were salty.
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Voltie — They/Them Posted 2 years ago
I'd like to see an idol theme. Think Love Live and Uta no Prince-sama!
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Donator — nyan? Posted 2 years ago
I'd like to see corsets, cinches, bustiers.

sell me rigs please♥

Voltie — Alien Posted 2 years ago
I would really like to see some space, alien, psychedelic themed stuff. Like galaxy skin, alien eyes, a forehead eye (third eye), crystal stuff, etc...
Would also like to see guns and post apocalyptic gear, long coats, gas masks, spikes etc.
Obviously some Ninja stuff.
Dear skull head, dark spell books, black tentacle stuff. (love me some creepy )
I would also love for color gradients to be a possibility, to make more unique avatars with lots of options.
I know some of my suggestions are weird but I'm a weird person having this kind of stuff would make me very happy.

Voltie — she/her Posted 2 years ago
@astral ninja: what do you mean by "color gradients"? Do you mean a system where you can make custom colors or something?
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