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Forums Literature What are you reading during the quarantine?

Voltie — ????? Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 07:13:07 )
Been a long time since I've actually started reading something, so starting up again (kind of)

I was recommended Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" by Alexis Mincolla of 3TEETH, and am currently listening to the audiobook, highly recommend this one. I also found a pdf of one of Naomi Klein's other books, "This Changes Everything", which will be next after I finish cleaning the house up and baking more things I don't need to bake.

So what are you reading? And what would you recommend to others?
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Moderator — Female Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 07:48:04 )

I'm considering diving into the Sword of Truth again, as it's been quite awhile since I last read it.

Also, moved to the Literature forum =)

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Donator — f Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 15:32:24 )

Maybe I will finally finish Game of Thrones


Artist — They/Them Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 20:45:44 )
I was just thinking of looking around for a good fantasy book.

Donator Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 20:49:47 )
დ დ დ დ დ

I've started reading the Percy Jackson series.
Childish I know, but I couldn't resist given the opportunity to finally pick up some books again. u wu And I like young adult books anyways so it is a double bonus for me. :D

დ დ დ დ დ

Donator — She/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/03/19 20:59:33 )

Im reading One Piece. I fell behind in it last year.

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Voltie — she/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/03/26 14:44:13 )

I'm reading a heckload of fanfiction.
I don't usually get time to read novel-
length fics, but now I have more time.
Really loving it so far.
I download them onto my kindle
and later leave comments on ao3
when I get on my computer ^^

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Voltie Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/03/26 15:19:19 )

I was in a hiatus of this book I'm currently rereading again called Ink Spell. I need to get back into it soon.

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