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Forums Serious Talk Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear for Their Safety

Moderator Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 00:07:36 )

Yeh I heard from people on another website that asians are afraid to go outside since they are being attacked by people. This whole virus is just an excuse for racist people to openly be racist.


And then mister orange head who talked about the china virus has now said "They are amazing people, and the spreading of the Virus is NOT their fault in any way, shape, or form". He also promised to protect them. Yeh right.


Donator — She/her Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 00:55:07 )

Racist people are racist.
It makes me so mad though. They didn't do anything.

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Donator — f Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 01:29:01 )

Disgusting :/


Donator — F, S, DnB Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 01:38:55 )
I'm not surprised that people (well, not all of them) decided to think it's okay to be racist and blame on a certain race just because of the virus. Which is completely bullsh*t and pathetic.

These kind of (racist) people make me wanted to shake my head in disappointment.
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Donator — - Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 02:04:44 )
People will find any excuse to be terrible to each other. My supervisor and I were just talking about how people are trash; they take advantage of the environment and kill our home without a second thought and they kill each other over useless things such as skin color, race and religion.

Donator — They/She Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 02:06:05 )

Ugh... this is so bad...

I remember when the virus first started, one of my students (16yo Sophomore in HS) was talking about it with me and then she said "I don't wanna be near any of those Chinese people, they probably all have that damn virus and should stay far away or go back where they came from."

It is just more excuses to be racist. There should be NO REASON to be racist, but some people take every opportunity they can TO BE racist... just disgusting...


Donator — They/Them Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 03:02:55 )
I'm so glad people where I live aren't so brazen. My boyfriend is Chinese american and when I first heard about people doing sh** like that it made me feel nervous, but our area is pretty okay.

Voltie Posted 4 months ago ( 2020/03/26 15:16:03 )

My mom is one of them although she won't attack them in person but the stuff she says about the Chinese disgust me =.=


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