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Amber Lynne Female

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Whatever track I have stuck in my head


31 | Anxious | Artist | Wannabe | RP Addict

Wanna know something about me? Just ask!

I love chatting, but I am generally too scared to bug people to have a conversation. If you want to chat with me, feel free to send a hello! I don't bite~<3

I offer art for $$$, if you're interested click here.


  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (2 days ago)

    I'll try. lol

  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (2 days ago)

    Oh heck yeah. I'm loosing my mind. It's fabulous.

  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (2 days ago)

    CV got creative mode! And they gave us the ability to paint any and every block any color we want! (Well, any color from a 255 color palette)

  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (2 days ago)

    What is up my home skillet? lol Things are pretty okay. The shining beacon of wonderfulness in my life right now is the MASSIVE and AMAZING update Creativerse just got yesterday. I'm loosing my mind.

  • kiwi kiwi (4 weeks ago)

    yeah, just busy haha

  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (1 month ago)

    u too nice


drawing, reading, writing, RP'ing, playing games, music


Blind stupidity - being 'dumb' because you don't know is one thing. be willifully stupid or ignorant is something completely different


Read, Write, Draw, RP, Play games