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Yo, I'm Auxillatrix! Not really sure what I should say here so...
I'm on a bunch of different websites with the same username, Mindfang, or something else. Most of you will know me from Sapherna or Syndrone. I am also on Caedon, Gaia, FR, PFQ, and BK. Some of you may remember me from LunaeSaga, I was Amythist Rain.
Please don't ask me what my preferred pronouns are. Just call me whatever.
Conversation is not my forte.
I'm 22, from Michigan, and love goats. I also enjoy Homestuck, a plethora of video games and shows/anime, and other various nerdy things.
I cosplay in my free time! I also write a lot, and go to school.


  • Mousy Mousy (2 years ago)

    You're welcome! I have so many of them getting dusty in my inventory. I want them to go to someone that will use them!

  • skincrawls skincrawls (3 years ago)