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Colan He, Him

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A soul-striking melody.


My name is Colan.
I'm usually just chillin and vibin out.
Talkin' to God.
Hmu if you ever get that feel.


  • Bonnie Bonnie (3 weeks ago)

    I’m glad to hear that you have been okay. My great aunt had passed due to COVID and my sister got a skin graft today from a burn. So it’s been hard. I am hanging in there.....

  • Bonnie Bonnie (1 month ago)

    How have you been??????

  • Bonnie Bonnie (1 month ago)


  • Bonnie Bonnie (4 months ago)

    Duuudddeee what’s up?? How are you? Is Corona staying out of your business?

  • Bonnie Bonnie (4 months ago)

    Dude I missssss ya!

  • Colan Colan (5 months ago)



My Dad, His Son, And The Holy Spirit. Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul (these come easiest to the mind probe). Lofi and other relaxing tunes (not it though)


That awkward moment when the person/people you're with starts disrespecting the waiter.


Anime, YouTube, any kind of visual media really. Roblox, Stardew, my 3DS. Big vibin out to some jams. Readin the word. Salty Bet.