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Name? Well, ya can call me Zetsuna, Zeon, Zen, Dreamer, or simply Z.
31/ single/ forever sleepy/ fun loving/ fox-like

I'm a wandering artist n' writer [not literally wondering ofc]. Though my handicap makes both a slow process. My persona comes off as very sleepy, humorously grumpy [like Garfield], n' kinda blunt...maybe too much at times. But I am genuinely kind to people and protective to those I trust. Guess I'm a bit of a chaotic neutral lol.

I'm a music lover often seen in headphones, especially if drawing. I'm a big fan of anime n' gaming. You're never too old to try to have fun, right?


  • Qiqi Agatha Qiqi Agatha (2 months ago)

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 months ago)

    Thank you <3

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 months ago)

    Not at all. I only gave you things I have extras of that matched what you thought you would like. ^^

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 months ago)

    Ok I’ll see what I have :)

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 months ago)

    Let me know if there are any items you are wanting. (Or you could make a quest thread). I want to give you some items since you have been a regular in the charity thread. :)

  • AngelicTeaTime AngelicTeaTime (4 months ago)

    Me neither i admit lol, i have been thinking on picking up crochet


Music, games, relaxing, the moon, relaxing to rain, food lol. I'm a simple being. Be nice to me n' others, you're golden.


obnoxious behavior to sum it up.


Art & writing of my characters & lore