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21, black, magical, & gay

hello, i'm lullaby and i am currently sleeping. care not to wake me. (but also please ping me). i'm ankh #19676 on dappervolk if you wish to be friends !


  • Koah Koah (3 months ago)

    I love your avi!

  • SuperZombiePotatoe SuperZombiePotatoe (1 year ago)

    Hallo, rat boi!! I miss you too! <3<3 Sorry I haven't been around, school got rough T_T

  • SuperZombiePotatoe SuperZombiePotatoe (1 year ago)

    *leaves a spud*

  • Ruby Ruby (1 year ago)

    Your post style is so cute :3

  • Bonnie Bonnie (1 year ago)


  • Bonnie Bonnie (1 year ago)

    you are most welcome. (Us black people got to stick together! <33)


i love writing and seafood. my favourite book is Ash. i enjoy debate.


strawman arguements, hate on dogs in general, when the nail hangs. idk never played the game.


photography, writing, coding, graphics. sometimes art.