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MoodyB Moody

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I draw.
Criminal minds and Kpop Fan.


  • Ark Ark (7 months ago)

    Your avatar is soooooo adorable!!! <3

  • Ruby Ruby (7 months ago)

    Yep! Snacks, blankies, pets lol much better experiences imo. Although movie theater popcorn is something special xD

  • Ruby Ruby (7 months ago)

    Lol I’m also one of those people xD too loud for me. And I like being able to pause when I need to xD

  • Ruby Ruby (7 months ago)

    I feel you! I wanna see it too but I’ll have to wait til its on something at home lol

  • Ruby Ruby (7 months ago)

    Omg your barbie avi is fantastic!

  • Magia Magia (1 year ago)

    Hi, what items are the skulls and coffin? I have not been here in a long time.


Criminal Minds, Studio Ghibli, anime, Kpop, Sims 4, Genshin Impact,


a lot of things


I draw