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uwu Wet Possum

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Hi, my name is Roger. Nice to meet ya
24 years old

Come join me at my hangout!


  • gossamer gossamer (3 weeks ago)

    what a saucy tart ;o

  • Francisco Francisco (3 weeks ago)


  • Francisco Francisco (3 weeks ago)

    *lays on yer profile* _(┐「 ε:)_

  • Baku Baku (3 weeks ago)

    Oh yeah! Those are from the bayou orb. Its Lethal pose if youre interested

  • Baku Baku (4 weeks ago)

    Thanks! Im actually pretty happy with it right now too~
    I like yours too!

  • gossamer gossamer (4 weeks ago)

    that made me chuckle lol


Horror movies, video games, Pokémon


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