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Vegan She/They

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Artist & Song: VNV Nation - Carbon
Genre: Industrial/Alternative


  • icedchai icedchai (6 hours ago)

    oh i remember! i was just distracted by the shiny avatar lol

  • icedchai icedchai (7 hours ago)

    don't think we've had a chance to introduce ourselves yet, but i just wanted to say that i love ur avi and i hope to see u around! ^^

  • Ruby Ruby (8 hours ago)

    Aww thanks! Oh yeah! We do :D nice to meet you~

  • Ruby Ruby (10 hours ago)

    Pretty avi!

  • Vegan Vegan (2 weeks ago)

    Any comments left on my page will result in me replying to you on your page or your inbox! While I'm at it, thank you for visiting my page, I hope you have a lovely day ahead!


Art, Astrology, Coffee, Movies, Music, Plants, Raising Money for Charity, Reading, Tarot, Tea, Veganism, Video Games, Volunteering, Yoga


Anti-LGBTQIA+, Art Theft, Being Tired, Close-Minded individuals, Cruelty (of any kind), Hot Weather, Jump Scares, Liars, Racists, Pressure/Being Rushed, Spiders (+most bugs)


Activism, Baking, Cooking, Crafts, Dancing, Gardening, Medition, Playing Video Games, Raise Money for Charity, Streaming, Swimming, Traveling, Volunteering, Yoga