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Vixen Maid

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i like aesthetically cluttered avatars.
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Silence, the White Mage is now speaking.

NPC Vixen (Through the Looking Glass) is a meme,
the White Queen's Mage and #1 White Knight Fan Girl

I am not an actual NPC.


  • Anarchist Beauty Anarchist Beauty (4 days ago)

    Excuse me, who gave you the right to have the cutest avi ever?

  • Ruby Ruby (7 days ago)

    Just wanted to let you know how much I cherish it < 3

  • Ruby Ruby (7 days ago)

    It really meant a lot to me~ it was my first event on ernya and the best avi art I’d gotten. Ive gotten a lot of good art since then but it has a special place in my heart and its still amazing~

  • Ruby Ruby (1 week ago)

    I found the art :3

  • Kairu Kairu (1 week ago)

    eeee cute avy!!!

  • Ruby Ruby (2 weeks ago)

    Haha yeah it was a long time ago now xD its still one of my favorite art pieces I’ve ever gotten though~

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