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I am the Owner and one of the Admins of Voltra. So kind of you to visit my profile!
Voltra is a combination of many of my passions in life and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to build this amazing community with you volties!

Being in the position that I am, I dabble in a bit of everything related to the website. I love to pixel! It was one of my initial urges to start an avatar websites because the possibilities to be creative are endless when you're building from scratch. Since working on the Voltra Online project I've also discovered an interest for web development and am learning new things along the way (slowly, but surely).

That's a little bit about me and my connection to our community. I hope to get to know you all more!
Feel free to reach out to me any time.


  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 weeks ago)

    There are 62 volties online right now, that might be the most I’ve ever seen online at once!

  • Lina Lina (4 weeks ago)

    You look amazing

  • KDA Drew KDA Drew (1 month ago)

    Your avatar looks awesome!

  • xvz xvz (1 month ago)

    omg v nice avi!!

  • milkshake milkshake (2 months ago)


  • Lina Lina (2 months ago)

    Thanks for the avi system! :3
    Had so much fun making a new avatar!


Coffee, Gym, Family, Emojis




Pixeling, Working out, Video Games