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Archived Events

Cirque ad Infinitum
A cirque comes to town!
Topics: 71
Winter Solstice 2018
Archive for winter events 2018
Topics: 56
Autumn Block Party 2017
Archive for the first block party!
Topics: 32
Reaping Ritual 2017
Archive for our first reaping ritual!
Topics: 54
The Blackout
Why is everything so dark?
Topics: 78
Archive of a wonderful experience!
Topics: 77
Breaker Beach
Get some sun!
Topics: 42
Anniversary Party 2018
We turned one!
Topics: 16
Vibrance Festival 2019
Voltra's first Vibrance Day!
Topics: 57
Breaker Beach 2019
Festival at the Boardwalk!
Topics: 52
Anniversary Party 2019
We turned two!
Topics: 33
Reaping Ritual 2019
Trick or Treat?
Topics: 70
Winter Solstice 2019
Archive for winter events 2019
Topics: 42
Vibrance Day Event 2020
Archive for Vibrance Day Event 2020
Topics: 75
Camp Breaker 2020
Archive for Breaker Beach 2020: Camp Breaker Event!
Topics: 61
Anniversary Party 2020
We turned 3!
Topics: 45
Reaping Ritual 2020: TTLG
The Voltra gang found themselves on another crazy ride through Wonderland!
Topics: 58
Winter Solstice 2020
Archive for winter events 2020
Topics: 20
Vibrance Day Event 2021
Archive for Vibrance Day Event 2021
Topics: 66
Community Garden Event
Welcome to Voltra's Community Garden as we celebrate the final weeks of summer!
Topics: 36
Anniversary Party 2021
We turned four!
Topics: 31
Reaping Ritual 2021: Restless Slumber
Keep the night light on please!
Topics: 37
Vibrance Day 2022: Spring Cleaning!
Where did all these dust bunnies come from!?
Topics: 18
Anniversary Party 2022
We turned five!
Topics: 29
Reaping Ritual 2022: Hide and Shriek!
The Monster Task Force is on the case of these creepy sightings!
Topics: 28
Harmony Hills & Anniversary 2023
Voltra has turned six! In honor of this momentous occasion, the owner of Harmony Hills Resort and Spa is generously offering an all-expenses-paid trip!
Topics: 21
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