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Forums News & Updates The Surge: July Crates Have Arrived!

Npc — he/him Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 04:46:20 )

Watch out everyone, Spark's here! Coming in hot, as always, with some brand new exciting news for you! But oh boy, I ain't the only thing that's hot, summer is right here! Gracing us with it's intense warmth.
Worry not everyone, I have some refreshing things to show you that will get you feeling cool in an instant!

July Crates Have Arrived!

The glamorous Cheshire Cabaret is not only sure to make you feel refreshed, but it will put a grin right on that beautiful face, and boy do I know about beautiful faces! Not only that, but right around the corner is Synthwave rolling right in! Yes, you can look that cool, trust the expert!

Last but not least, we have the Chrysaora Witch, here to enchant us with some underwater magic! Anyone would take a dive to cop this look!

Cheshire Cabaret | Bean
Synthwave | Glume
Chrysaora Witch | KDA Drew With edits by Q t e a p o n & Fozzy

*comes in default tones 2, 4, and 6, and a version without the jellyfish that comes in all 6 default tones*

*comes in Left and Right poses as well*

*comes with Bangs and Ponytail poses as well*

*comes in Left and Right poses as well*

Shout out to Vengeance for the lovely preview banners!
Thank you to our Item Techs, Lilypoo, Fozzy, Valefor and Dipper for uploading!

Hurry on over to OMG Imports to get yours today!

July Crates can be purchased from Ohm-my-gosh imports for 250 each.
Visit the donation page if you’re like to purchase ohms..

*Reminder: You can wear 2 poses from a single set.
*Chrysaora Witch will remain as the rare set for August 2020.
Check out A Guide to Voltra Crates for more information.

Collector's Set!

Now, I'll try not to get too emotional, but I'm pleased to say I have the honour of unveiling this year's newest, hottest Crate Collector's Set! Can I get a drumroll please?
This playful little number features a futuristic look and is packed with a lot of speed! Say hello to the Bubblenaut!

July 2020 Collector's Bundle

Pixels by Fozzy
Recolors by Lilypoo
Also thank you for uploading Lilypoo & Fozzy!

*comes in Left and Right poses as well*

The July Collector's Bundle can be purchased from OMG Imports for 3,500 through July 31st , 2020.
The Collector's Set, Bubblenaut, will be available in all 2020 Crate Collector's Bundles July through December. Then, a new Collector's Set will be introduced come January 2021.

Not familiar with the contents of a Crate Collector's Bundle?

Don't forget about our Plasma Orb Collector's Set, Sightless Monk!
You can obtain Sightless Monk from the current Plasma Orb Collector's Bundle.

Plasma Orb Summer'20 Bundle

*Set includes at least 2 additional recolors per pose*

By Bean

The Plasma Orb Summer '20 Bundle can be purchased from OMG Imports for 3,500 through August 24th, 2020.

Not familiar with the contents of a Plasma Orb Collector's Bundle?

Emoji Update!

We’ve also got new emojis for each set!

Thanks ghost!

July Community Discussion

We’ll be holding a discussion sometime in July, we’ll keep you updated on the date! In the meantime, feel free to leave any questions for us and be entered into a raffle, were you could win a crate set!


Common Surge [July 15]
July Community Discussion [TBA]
Summer Event [July TBA]

That’s all I’ve got for today!
Yes, I know how hard is it to part ways, but try not to miss me that much! Enjoy the new things and always remember to stay as cool as your favorite host!
Until next time… Spark out!

Surge Written and Setup by Fozzy & Cookie

Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 04:47:58 )

And I'm coming in hot!


Donator — AAAAAAAAAA Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 04:53:00 )

    omg that cheshire's hair!!!


Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 05:02:00 )

My real comment is, these are really nice. You guys really out did your selves.
@Bean: Wow those ears, those legs, those boobs!
@Glume: Wow this was super well done. The background, the motorcycle, the sunglasses where you can see the background in the reflection
@KDA Drew: Wow that hair! It's some of the prettiest on the site. I love the jellyfish, the dress is stunning too!
You guys really out did your selves.

My bday is in July, and I always feel like on avatar sites there is never good ones on my birthday month, not this year!


Artist — Lion Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 05:10:25 )
Oh my bday is July too! What day?

And thank you (:
I love frilly hair a lot. Ghosts item inspired it. The hair made me wanna do some big frills >w<

Side note: the eyes took me like 3 days to perfect >_>

Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 05:35:49 )

@KDA Drew: If you spend 3 days on one thing, that's how you know you are getting better.
My bday is July 17th, what about you?

I thought that it was similar but I think this one is better. (Sorry Ghost, still love your art tho)

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — Kushy Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 07:57:38 )


@KDA drew:

Wow you guys u all did an amazing job.. these items are so pretty ^.^ i loved that i was able to get a long hair to match my avatar xD .. love all these items u guys should be so proud of yourselves <3

Artist — Lion Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 08:43:05 )
Thank you so much, don’t forget to thank the wonderful QT too. I originally made the hair but her edit to it definitely made it 10x better! I’m slowly starting to catch onto Voltra’s art style and hope I can show you guys something even better than last time! (:

Now off to bed with me, 3:00 AM >_< You guys better feel special! Haha Latest I’ve stayed up in a long time.

Artist — Lion Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 08:50:43 )

Oh the 17th is when I move into my new apartment! (: so looks like it’s a celebration for us both!
My birthday is on the 28th! Sadly I was only a few days away from being a Cancer-Leo cusp. But it’s ok, Lions are forever <3

Donator — Kushy Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 08:51:50 )
@KDA drew: drew: aww my bad thank you for editing the hair QT i absolutely loooove it ^.^ i been looking for a really long hair for a while now and this one is perfect ^.^

I love everyones art on here so pretty and unique :) oh my yes time to get ur butt to bed xD goodnight ^.^

Donator — Any Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 11:02:20 )
Synthwave is absolutely stellar. I love the hair for Cheshire and the jellyfish for Chrysaora Witch.


Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 11:54:21 )

I am looking for some items in my quest thread!
I can offer a trade or art for them!

Synthwave... Holy hecc. I have a major need! XD

Come chill at The Treehouse or visit my Item Trading Thread!
[Pixels by Ghost & DragonicKittens!]

Admin — Lily Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 12:07:16 )

What do you all think of the bubblenaut that fozzy made? :)

Admin & Lead Item Tech

Lost my mama on May 11 2019, May she rest in everlasting peace

Donator — PomePome Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 12:25:19 )
Yes those items are smooth :))))
~Pls Ping me~
Nothing fancy to see here!!!

Moderator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 15:12:06 )

My favorite is 1 million % the Synthwave one. It's so cool.

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 16:28:04 )

Very cool pieces. I love the jellyfish one.


Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 17:09:34 )

      Jellyfish need to not have basically the same name as Chrysaor, from Greek Mythology.
      Cos he was a bastard in the Percy Jackson books, and he's the first thing I thought of.
      I even googled it to double check and make sure I wasn't a loon.

      But also if anyone is willing to sell me any or all of these new items...
      My shop is that way --->

Artist — Chaote Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 17:16:18 )
@Anarchist Beauty: Its also a play on the name of a type of jellyfish, I think there is one letter difference:

EDIT: Also, everyone from greek mythology was kind of a jerk lol
Ping me, Devil Daddy, ping me.

Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 17:28:55 )

      @Glume: I mean... You right, you right. lmao

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/07/2 17:44:30 )

Bubblenuat is really cool! I love the spaceship.


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