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Forums News & Updates The Surge: November Crates & Pre-event Details!

Npc — he/him Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 05:48:42 )

It's a new month here at Voltra and you know what that means - Crates! Yes, November is here and with it some exciting new items for our Volties! We think you'll really like what we have in store for you this month, so hold tight while we introduce our newest crate items to you all!

November Crates Have Arrived!

KPOP Nonstop! is really bringing the beats to the city!
With those smooth notes, you'll have everyone Fallin' for you!
But wait... looks like that ol' hag Hexed or Blessed might want you to "turn that racket down!!!"

Item Name | Artist | Supporting Artist
KPOP Nonstop! | KDA Drew | Vozzy
Fallin' for you | Alethna | Vozzy
Hexed or Blessed | KDA Drew | Vozzy

Let's not forget to thank our Item Technicians for uploading:
Lilypoo, Kiwi, and Hadsvich

Hurry on over to OMG Imports to get yours today!

November Crates can be purchased from Ohm-my-gosh imports for 250 each.
Visit the donation page if you’re like to purchase ohms..

*Reminder: You can wear 2 poses from a single set.
*Hexed or Blessed will be replaced with a new rare set in January 2021.
Check out A Guide to Voltra Crates for more information.

Collector's Set!

Still running as our current Crate Collector's Set we have this playful little number that features a futuristic look and is packed with a lot of speed! Say hello to the Bubblenaut!

November 2020 Collector's Bundle

Pixels by Fozzy
Recolors by Lilypoo
Also thank you for uploading Lilypoo & Fozzy!

*comes in Left and Right poses as well*

The July Collector's Bundle can be purchased from OMG Imports for 3,500 through July 31st , 2020.
The Collector's Set, Bubblenaut, will be available in all 2020 Crate Collector's Bundles July through December. Then, a new Collector's Set will be introduced come January 2021.

Not familiar with the contents of a Crate Collector's Bundle?

Don't forget about our Plasma Orb Collector's Set, Hedera Fey!
You can obtain this set from the current Plasma Orb Collector's Bundles.

Plasma Orb Spring '20
Collector's Bundle.

Hedera Fey
Hedera Fey will be available in the Fall and Winter '20 plasma orb seasons, to then be swapped out on February 25th, 2021.

The Plasma Orb Fall '20 Bundle can be purchased from OMG Imports for 3,500 through November 24th, 2020.

Not familiar with the contents of a Plasma Orb Collector's Bundle?

It's that time of year ~ Reaping Ritual season.

Due to a magical mishap, we've been sucked into a dark mirror world filled with strange figures that seem… oddly familiar. It'll take some work and there will be challenges, but it will be beneficial to bring peace to this odd land before we can return home!

Voltra Staff:
We've been hard at work this past month putting together an event we hope you'll enjoy!! We're finalizing event details and assets. Bare with us as we piece together the final pieces; we want everything to be perfect!

The first thing you notice about this weird land is the unusual amount of pawns laying around.
*Pre-launch event currency has been activated!*

You may begin posting in the EVENT FORUMS!



Official Event Launch RR20: TTLG [Very Soon!!!]
Monthly Community Discussion [TBA]
Common Review Surge [November 15]

That's all for now, Volties! Hope you enjoy what our wonderful new crates have to offer. I know I'm just getting chills thinking about all the avatars that will be made with them!

Spark out!

Surge setup by Vozzy

Donator — pancake Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 05:49:06 )
It's here!
Everything is so great!
So hyped~~~

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 05:52:35 )

Those new items are just gorgeous!

A big thank you to everyone involved! ❤️


Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 05:55:19 )

I really really like the new items. They feel fresh to me.
Also yay for the event starting soon.


Voltie — Sha/female Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 05:55:59 )

BABAYAGA ITEM!! :O that's aweosome. EVENT!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh


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Voltie — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 06:02:19 )

I love the new items! Kpop, Baba Yaga, and a cute flowery item? Yes please~

And I can't wait to see what the event has in store


Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 06:17:25 )
Dark mirror? Pawns?
This is going to be good!


Voltie — He/Him/His Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 06:53:06 )
Ouch. I'm typing this message with a stiff neck/shoulder but still excited. Hope this pain is gone when the event starts.

Love the new stuff too.
There is something haunting in the light of the moon;
It has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery.

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 06:53:35 )

Through the Looking Glass?
Does this mean more Alice-themed items? Yay!!!

~ I like cats ~

~ Art by Vixen ~

Voltie — they/he Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 07:42:25 )
omg somebody sell me a crate i want dat fallin for you item! its so pretty

Donator — Kushy Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 09:32:58 )
Yayy crates are here and event is here ^.^

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/2 11:06:24 )
Love the new items! I’m also super excited for the event, it will be my first one here! Thanks everyone for your hard work!

Donator — f Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/2 13:08:58 )

Yessss the hype is real!


post art by shadami

q u e s t i n g :

Donator — She/Her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/2 14:47:07 )

Questing: Soulcaster | Fall Harvest | Snowboarder | Capricorn | Scorpio | Berry Citrus | Cybernetic Guard | Year of the Tiger | Fabled Beauty | Dreams of Delight | Heartbreak Coffin x1 | Merlantis | Cancer | Virgo | Butterfly Kisses | Key to Heaven | Eclipse | Mother Anthropoda | Avian Misery | Falling Star

...ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ oh i so can't wait to get paid 'bright eyed look at fallin for you' <:3( )~~


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Pls Mention as i wander

By Alethna

Avi art is best gift ever.

Artist — #1 Witch Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/2 16:57:03 )

Everyone saying nice things about the fallin' for you set is making me so happy,
Omfg you guys are so sweet


Artist — Lion Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/2 18:48:41 )

It’s a super cute set(: good job!

Donator — She/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/3 00:11:36 )

@Alethna: You guys
@KDA Drew: both did
a great job! I'm using both in my avatar right now and I like it more than any avatar I've made in a while!

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — He/Him Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/3 00:47:27 )
Great items as always ^^ Thanks to all the artists and techs~

Ping me!


Donator — Babygirl Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/3 00:59:19 )

oh man these are so good HECKIN YEA


Donator — they/them Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/11/3 01:17:25 )
yoooooo those crate items are amazing!!
can't wait until payday to cop a few sets.

i'm excited to experience my first voltra event, and for it to be reaping ritual!!
kody / 23 / they

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