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Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/3 06:33:02 )

Can't wait! This is my first reaping ritual on Voltra. :3


Donator — UNI-CORN Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/3 08:52:57 )
Great looking new crate items along with that rare wow, yay a new event to be posting for can't wait to post a bit

Donator — Ze/Zir Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/3 17:03:12 )
Fae Says --->

look at all the new prettiiiiiiies!

I'm missed the past couple events but I refuse to miss the reaping ritual dang it

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Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/11/4 21:40:27 )

Have a look at my Trade Thread!

This event looks so good so far! I love the way the mini-game is done up! <3

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Having you as a Voltie would be awesome.

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