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Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 13:28:56 )
So, I recently joined Voltra to find myself very comfortable and admiring everything I saw in the shops.
Quickly learned that there is an Item Museum that showed items from years past.

"What did I get myself into?" I asked myself. I hate asking for help so often and I sighed. I decided to open my notepad on my computer, clipped it to the side window next to the forum post, and started to make a list of everything I want (just a heads up, it's a lot).

Many hours had passed at this point to where I wasn't even done, I was again asking myself, "What did I get myself into?" saved the notepad and went to bed. The next day, I was determined to breeze through the remainder of the items and see what I really wanted, by this, I mean stuff that could have multiple uses, not something for just a hairstyle (outside the hairs I want) or example, a pair of shoes.

Now, here we are, day 3 of working on this and I feel anxious to share what I want, but, I know eventually, I will get a lot of what I want where I may not feel the need for other things, but, let's be honest. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to online dress your avatar-type forum kinds of stuff. I did this on Gaiaonline since 2003 and I still own my 2005 mule which still has a lot of items I bought back in 2003.

So, all of that said, I have very little VOLTS at the moment and I am saving up DREAM KEYS for future events*, but, I would like to have this post to keep myself accountable and be able to store what I want somewhere as well as keep a tally on what I eventually buy or receive from people. I plan on working on my art a lot more, so, eventually, I would love to draw some art of avatars that inspire me.

(Just don't be surprised if you don't get drawn and if you do, it's always going to be practice for me to keep improving).

Anyways, let's move on to what I would like to get eventually and if you are reading this? I hope you have a lovely day ahead!

*Thank you @sunny for telling me DREAM KEYS are per event.

.:`* INTRO - the items - donated/purchased - art I've done for others - extra post just in case *`:.

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 13:29:14 )
Official Voltra Item Museum is what I used to find access to these!
That forum post can be found here:

.:`* CRATE ITEMS *`:.

August: Static Set ❥ Valefor

September: Frog Prince & Queen Bee ❥ Totalanimefan

October: Angelic

Demonic ❥ Valefor

November: Magnificent Inspector & Autumnal Spruce

March: Victorious Captain ❥ Minerva (2nd ❥ Valefor)
April: Bird of Prey ❥ Totalanimefan
May: Spring Showers ❥ Minerva (2nd: ❥ Valefor)
July: Tootsie ❥ Minerva
August: Zaz La ❥ Minerva

September: Catcher ❥ Valefor

November: Styr & Encore ❥ Minerva (2nd Encore ❥ Valefor)

December: Keep Warm

February: Wondrous Wisteria & Ballad of the Bard

March: Fortune Teller & Raver

May: Faerie Queen & Untamed

June: Kickflip

July: Melon Cutie

September: Feline of Fertility & Doggo of Death

October: Howling Mad & Gone Batty

January: Berry Citrus

Perennial Premier ❥ Valefor

February: Love Senshi

March: Nifty Nurse ❥ Totalanimefan

April: Some Bunny to Love

May: Dreams of Delight
Hanami ❥ Valefor

June: Bride of Death & Groom of Death

July: Cheshire Cabaret & Synthwave

August: Heartbreak Coffin

October: In Stitches ❥ Valefor

November: Fallin' For You

December: Silent Knight

February: Love Bites ❥ Valefor
Misery Loves Company ❥ Totalanimefan

April: Cat Cafe

Miss Mary Annette ❥ NixieFae

May: Queen of Pentacles ❥ NixieFae

June: Roller Derby ❥ Totalanimefan

July: Goetia

August: Greenskeeper

October: Thirst For Blood

February: Enchanted By You & Pole Dancer

March: Seriously No Signal

.:`* RARE ITEMS *`:.

March/April: Floral Empress

January/February: Ancient Splendor

March/April: Woodland Fae

November/December: Fall Harvest

March/April: Botanist

July/August: Chrysaora Witch

September/October: Fluers d’espoir ❥ Valefor
November/December: Hexed or Blessed ❥ Valefor

January/February: The First Star ❥ Valefor

March/April: Devil's Food Cake

May/June: Draconic Dream

September/October: Drip Drop Fairy

.:`* ORB ITEMS *`:.

Dual-Toned Edgy Ponytail ❥ Sunny
Dual-Toned Dolly Hair:
Dual-Toned Knight's Bangs:
Unique Will's Hair:
Ombre Ahoge Hair ❥ Valefor

90s Grunge:
Aquamarine ❥ Valefor
The Bayou:
Breezy ❥ Shy
Butterfly Kisses ❥ Valefor
Celestial Shadow ❥ Bonnie
Cerf Lumineux ❥ Totalanimefan
Cursed Prince ❥ Valefor
Dancer ❥ Totalanimefan
D.J. Furocious:
Falling Star:
Feline Fatale:
Flame Dancer ❥ Totalanimefan
Frost Empress:
Garnet ❥ Valefor
Gunslinger ❥ Totalanimefan
Handheld ❥ Totalanimefan
Ice Queen:
Insidious Vices ❥ kiwi
Key to Heaven:
Loyal Elegance:
Lucky Neko:
Magical Mystery:
Mother Arthropoda:
Music Box Ballerina:
Neon Lights:
Opal ❥ Shark
Porcelain Doll:
Quinn ❥ Valefor
Raven Mage ❥ kiwi
Rogue ❥ Valefor
Ruby ❥ Valefor
Skunk Punk:
Too Hot:
Victory Curls ❥ Valefor
Witchery ❥ kiwi

Year of the Horse:
Year of the Ox:
Year of the Dragon:
Year of the Rabbit:
Year of the Tiger:
Year of the Rat:

Aries ❥ Valefor
Taurus ❥ Totalanimefan
Gemini ❥ Bonnie
Scorpio ❥ Totalanimefan

.:`* EVENT ITEMS *`:.

Reaper Boots ❥ Shark
Reaper Jacket ❥ Shark
Reaper Scythe ❥ Shark
Vyctor's Horns ❥ Shark

Braids Soft and Silky:
Candies Glazing ❥ Valefor
Card Knight:
Flower Garden:
Knave of Hearts ❥ Valefor
March Hare:
Nightwalker Tank:
Ringmaster ❥ Totalanimefan
Sea Witch:
Skullie Helmet ❥ Valefor
Snake Charmer:
Surprise Party!:
Queen of Hearts:
Violet's Curls ❥ Valefor
Violet's Dress:
Virgil's Hair & Beanie:

Bubblegum ❥ Valefor
Cool Mint ❥ Eve
Donut ❥ Eve
Gummy Bear:
Jawbreaker ❥ Valefor
Ribbon Candy:
Solstice Spirit:
Sour Candy:
Summer Dragon:
Summer Fox:
Summer Rabbit ❥ Valefor
Team Treat ❥ Eve
Team Trick ❥ Eve
Trick's Victory ❥ Eve
Violet's Memories:
Virgil's Memories:
Vregory's Memories:

Bird of Paradise:
Carnation ❥ Valefor
Mallow ❥ Valefor
Moonflower ❥ Totalanimefan
Red Knight ❥ Totalanimefan
Roses ❥ Valefor
Sunflower ❥ Totalanimefan
Violets ❥ Valefor
White King ❥ Totalanimefan
Wounded Wildcat:

Catpuccino ❥ Eve
Chamomile Stroll ❥ Eve
Earl Grey ❥ Eve
Green Tea ❥ Eve
Snowed Inn Cabin ❥ Eve

.:`* intro - THE ITEMS - donated/purchased - art I've done for others - extra post just in case *`:.

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 13:29:28 )
.:`* DONATED *`:.

2k VOLTS, Leo, Topaz, Year of the Pig, Another Orbit, Bountiful Cornucopia, Impish Delight, Frog Prince, Queen Bee, Bird of Prey, Misery Loves Company, Nifty Nurse, Roller Derby, Cerf Lumineux, Flame Dancer, Dancer, Handheld, Gunslinger, Taurus, Scorpio, Vibrant Sapling (x3), Ringmaster, Looking Glass (x2)

November '21 Crate (x2), Winter Stroll, Starlight Pines, Crystalized, Her Graceful Snow

Dual-Toned Edgy Ponytail

10k VOLTS, Opal, Reaper Boots, Reaper Jacket, Reaper Scythe, Vyctor's Horns

Celestial Shadow & Gemini

Catpuccino, Chamomile Stroll, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Snowed Inn Cabin, Cool Mint, Donut, Team Treat, Team Trick, Trick's Victory

Victorious Captain, Spring Showers, Tootsie, Zaz La, Encore, Styr

Carnation, Mallow, Roses, Violets, Bubblegum, Jawbreaker, Summer Rabbit, Candies Glazing, Knave of Hearts, Skullie Helmet, Violet's Curls, Aries, Aquamarine, Butterfly Kisses, Cursed Prince, Garnet, Quinn, Rogue, Ruby, Victory Curls, Ombre Ahoge Hair, The First Star, Hexed or Blessed, Fleurs d'espoir, Love Bites, Perennial Premier, Hanami, In Stitches, Victorious Captain, Spring Showers, Catcher, Encore, Static Set, Demonic


kiwi: Insidious Vices, Raven Mage & Witchery

Miss Mary Annette & Queen of Pentacles from @NixieFae - 5,000 VOLTS

Recently purchased has last purchased item.

.:`* intro - the items - DONATED/PURCHASED - art I've done for others - extra post just in case *`:.

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 13:30:00 )


Something to keep in mind, I am still getting used to a new style and tablet. ^__^;

.:`* intro - the items - donated/purchased - ART I'VE DONE FOR OTHERS - extra post just in case *`:.

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:09:33 )

Nothing here until I see the need to post something in its place.

.:`* intro - the items - donated/purchased - art I've done for others - EXTRA POST JUST IN CASE *`:.

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:26:25 )
    @Vegan: psssst dream keys are only for this event. They'll disappear when the event ends!


Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:27:37 )
Good to know!

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:29:55 )
    @Vegan: also sent you a gift!


Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:30:58 )
;____; Thank you so much!

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:42:54 )
    @Vegan: no worries :)


Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:44:58 )
How have you been by the way? Good hearing from you. <3

Donator Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:46:58 )
    @Vegan: I've been good, great actually! Thank you for asking. Life is going pretty well for me currently :) how are you doing? I like the way you've used that hair, it really fits well with your avatar!


currently: rewrite time baby!

q u e s t i n g :
beanie doll! thank u cookie

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:50:08 )
That's great to hear! No problem!
I am doing well and thank you so much!
I love it so much. I really appreciate your help.

Donator — She/Her Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 14:59:12 )

Yay~! <3

With love,
Sage ♥

Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 15:12:44 )

Donator — She/her Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 15:37:31 )

@Vegan: your new avatar looks awesome and I like your thread layout.
It’s so hard to decide which items to get on Voltra. They are all good. Luckily except for like 5-10 items it’s really not hard to find what you want in the exchange but also having enough bolts or ohms for it is tough too lol


Developer — A.I. Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 16:36:59 )
// AI-COM MNRVA : activate MIDNIGHT EXIGENT(aurora knives)

Awww it's so neat that you have a RL friend here! I always wanted to be able to chat with friends like that but one of us would end up forgetting about the site / simply losing interest. c':

The Item Museum is a bit out of date but we're working on getting something together for everyone that's more consistent and a bit easier to navigate! :D

Best of luck on your quest!~

// AI-COM : return [ Virtual . Integrated . Intelligence ] // end of line
[ often multitasking unsuccessfully ] | [ I may take a while to respond, but haven't forgotten you! ♥ ]
qu'est-ce que tu vas chercher?

Donator — He/Him Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 16:42:30 )
oh hey you finished it! Nice ^^


Ping me!


Donator — She/They Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 17:27:52 )
Thank you so very much! I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted to do it, figured, why not go simple.
I agree it is hard to figure out which items you want, and uh as you can see, I wanted so many items. xD

I miss her so much, we haven't seen each other in almost 10 years. D:
I moved to another part of Oregon because I still lived with my parents, now, I live in another country!
Aww, you won't lose me as a friend! I feel that about friends who lose interest, it's rough.
As for the museum, that's fair, but, it did give me a general idea eh?! :3 Thank you so much!

I did indeed! Thank you! Also, that trade?! Thank you so much! ;o;
Ruby is my sister from another mister.
If you're trying to get ahold of me? Ping/Message me.

Donator — She/her Posted 8 months ago ( 2021/12/4 18:43:08 )

@Vegan: simple is always good. You want people to be able to see what you want, what you have been given and by who lol
I’m about to get on the computer. I’ll send you something based on your list. :)

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

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