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Forums Events Reaping Ritual 2023: Trick and Treat FAQ - EVENT CLOSING

Npc — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/22 23:42:07 )

It's that time of year. The leaves are turning orange, the air is brisk...
But don't worry! Trick and Treat are no longer fighting!

"Yeah, peeps, we've got this all under control!"
Treat smirks

"Trick and I are here to keep it light this year!
Get dressed up in your best costume and go get some candy!!!"

HEHEHE, see ya around!

flies away on broom stick

Npc — He/Him Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/22 23:42:44 )
Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the event run for?
The main event will run from October 23rd to November 12th. During this time, you can participate in the activity threads and earn participation rewards. Starting on November 5th, event goodie bags and bundles will be released to Joyful Jamboree for an additional week. Volties will have until November 12th to collect and spend event currency before the event comes to a full close.

What is the event currency and how do I earn it?
The event currency for the Reaping Ritual is CANDY.

It can then be spent at Joyful Jamboree to purchase items exclusive to this event.

by Vozzy
3/4 recolors by Ruby

by Vozzy
4/5 recolors by Ruby

by Bean

by Bean

by Delightfully
3/4 recolors by Ruby

by Delightfully
2/5 recolors and some color placement edits by Ruby

by Q t e a p o n

Thanks to Ruby, Hadsvich and Vengeance for uploading.

Candy can be earned by posting in the forums, or by playing games in The Fairgrounds

Currency Rates in Forums
Event Forum - 5-8 Candy per post
Event Arcade forum - 1-3 Candy per post
General forums - 3-5 Candy per post
General Arcade forum - 0-1 Candy per post
Testing, 1,2,3 and The Undercurrent forums - no Candy given

Currency Rates in Jigsaw
Very Easy - 5 Candy
Easy - 10 Candy
Medium - 25 Candy
Hard - 200 Candy
Very Hard - 450 Candy
Extreme - 700 Candy
Impossible - 1400 Candy

Jigsaw has a maximum Candy cap of 1400 per day.


Blackjack will not grant Candy in place of volts during the event.

What all is there to do during the event?
Outside of posting in any user-made threads or playing jigsaw in The Fairgrounds, there are also event inspired threads to participate in.

Banner by Ruby

Banner by Ruby

As mentioned, put on your best costume and get to trick or treating.
Whichever suits you!

We've got a little costume contest for ya.
Cute, spooky, UGLY, it doesn't matter ~ just put something on!

Trick or Treat
Enter by November 4th, 2023
All participants will receive a complementary Reaping Ritual '23 Goodie Bag!

I have a question/problem/feedback!
Feel free to post in here, pinging an NPC or a member of staff with your issue/comment! If more urgent, please directly message a member of our staff, or use discord.

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 00:00:08 )
I really love, how the candies look this time around, They match me so well, So yummy!

Donator — she/they/him Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 00:24:03 )



Donator — #Roy4Mayor Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 00:30:27 )
Woohoo, so excited! Time to go make a properly Halloween~y avatar ♥
Currently dressed as: Juniper

Donator — she, her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 00:52:44 )

I am so thrilled for this.

Foever in my heart
Spookums 11/25/18
Angus 6/23/19
Mom 6/29/19
Dad 11/29/2021

Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 00:57:18 )

Oohh, exciting!

Item 2 looks FNAF Foxy inspired and I’m so excited to see it!


Check out my shop! Currently selling Winter '21 Plasma Orb Items and more.

Donator — whatever Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 02:28:09 )

Hey look, I actually updated my avatar finally! :D
Please ping me!

Donator — Medical Biller Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 02:57:36 )
0h wow another event back to back!
Hi @CooperationIsKey: cute Halloween avi

I'll be slow to respond for this week
Ensuite, je suis le fantôme de Novembre!

Donator — She, Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 04:39:04 )
So exciting! Can't wait to see how everyone dresses their avatars with the new event items.
Also, the new puzzles are too cute!

Art by Delightfully!
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Add me on discord: whim1096

Donator — Pomepome Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 05:07:47 )
Okay i want all those items so badly!!!!
+Pls ping me+
Nothing Fancy to see here!

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 14:04:02 )
Those sneak peak items look amazing! So excited for this event.

Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 21:45:05 )

@CooperationIsKey: Loving the new avatar!


Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 21:45:29 )

The new items are nice! I can't wait to get into the event

By Ghost
Discord: Totalanimefan
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Donator — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/23 22:25:33 )
These new items are super lovely.
Rei's Quest
Please ping me.

Donator — she/they/him Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/24 00:48:24 )

omg so many cool/cute items!!


☥ "Think of me when you look at the night sky" ☥

leave me msgs here

The Crooked Dog Inn

plz ping me!

Donator Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/24 13:24:34 )




Voltie — She/Her Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/10/24 18:36:17 )
I love the items! Especially Sweet Treat

Voltie Posted 1 month ago ( 2023/11/2 22:15:39 )
    The items are quite ghoulish, aren't they? What a good job, everyone.

Npc — She/Her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2023/11/6 03:38:23 )
He He Hello Volties,


The event goodie bag and bundle have been released!

*The goodie bag allows you to choose one event item to be granted upon opening.*
*The bundle will grant an entire event set upon opening*

You may find them at Joyful Jamboree

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