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Not sure what to write here haha Feel free to ask me questions if you have any, I'm pretty much an open book~

Also known as R u b y from Ernya/Menewsha and Ruby on Pantheon
Joined Voltra January 6th 2020

I love art! Draw me? :3

Art by Kairu~

Sketch art by me~ (base used for body shape/face)

Shine and textured bg hand painted on by me


  • buggaboy buggaboy (12 hours ago)

    they are yeah! the majority of the stuff on my avi are common uwu (mainly bc that coat was the only one that worked with the scarf asgdkahjd)

  • buggaboy buggaboy (12 hours ago)

    thank you! i love yours too~

  • NixieFae NixieFae (15 hours ago)

    I love your avi!

  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (1 day ago)

    Yeah the trade system is a little clunky. XD

  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (2 days ago)

    No problem. It says it's still waiting for you though. It won't let me do anything.

  • milkdaddy milkdaddy (2 days ago)

    cute asf omg