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Donator — Fujoshi Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/02/3 02:56:58 )

Can we get buns like the ones in the love senshi? Just without the heart/feather jewels on them. It would be a nice commons item.


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — she/her Posted 3 weeks ago ( 2020/02/4 20:37:50 )
So, people talking about Sakura blossoms made me think of something...

I have this can notebook.
In Japanese it says the sakura are falling and turning into a cat.
And that the wind is blowing strongly.
It's been a few weeks since I had it translated, but that's basically it.

Anyway, a crate or orb item that's some kind of Japanese flower cat would be cool. :3

Donator — she/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/12 17:31:08 )
Instead of necronomicon, how about
Nekonomicon? cat witchcraft

Cat witch with cat magic
or magic cat with cat magic

Oh, or
Necromancer cat
Ghost or spirit cats

Donator — she/her Posted 2 weeks ago ( 2020/02/12 17:37:50 )
Back in my Ernya days I designed and named the item “Battitude” which was just a bat witch.
(I have a witch obsession)
But Battitude should totally be used again as an item name since Ernya no longer exists.

Except more like Skunk Punk, a cool attitude bat. Fozzy or Bean would do great designing something I’m sure
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Voltie Posted 1 week ago ( 2020/02/13 23:24:10 )
Here's a few examples of things:
Pajamas and tired face:

Sleeping Character

An adjusted pink tone that I call "Shell" or "Powder"

I have more on the way :)

Voltie Posted 7 days ago ( 2020/02/17 04:11:14 )
Here's some more! I really hope this doesn't count as me breaking the rules since no one posted after me before

Valentine messenger

Crush girl

Long sleeve pose, running legs, messy short hair

Another sleeping pose and pigtails

Flowing dress, short hair with no bangs, face sweat expression

Bunny suit

Plague doctor

Questioning expression and commons striped shirt

Barcode face and long, straight hair

Void hole in face and heart

Another person sleeping on a bed

Really bad 70s look (I tried)

Hugging a coat pose with sad eyebrows and bangless short hair
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