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Forums Feedback Item Suggestion Thread

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/3 03:56:58 )

Can we get buns like the ones in the love senshi? Just without the heart/feather jewels on them. It would be a nice commons item.


The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/4 21:37:50 )
So, people talking about Sakura blossoms made me think of something...

I have this can notebook.
In Japanese it says the sakura are falling and turning into a cat.
And that the wind is blowing strongly.
It's been a few weeks since I had it translated, but that's basically it.

Anyway, a crate or orb item that's some kind of Japanese flower cat would be cool. :3

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/12 18:31:08 )
Instead of necronomicon, how about
Nekonomicon? cat witchcraft

Cat witch with cat magic
or magic cat with cat magic

Oh, or
Necromancer cat
Ghost or spirit cats

Donator — she/her Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/12 18:37:50 )
Back in my Ernya days I designed and named the item “Battitude” which was just a bat witch.
(I have a witch obsession)
But Battitude should totally be used again as an item name since Ernya no longer exists.

Except more like Skunk Punk, a cool attitude bat. Fozzy or Bean would do great designing something I’m sure

Voltie — ????? Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/14 00:24:10 )
Here's a few examples of things:
Pajamas and tired face:

Sleeping Character

An adjusted pink tone that I call "Shell" or "Powder"

I have more on the way :)

Voltie — ????? Posted 2 months ago ( 2020/02/17 05:11:14 )
Here's some more! I really hope this doesn't count as me breaking the rules since no one posted after me before

Valentine messenger

Crush girl

Long sleeve pose, running legs, messy short hair

Another sleeping pose and pigtails

Flowing dress, short hair with no bangs, face sweat expression

Bunny suit

Plague doctor

Questioning expression and commons striped shirt

Barcode face and long, straight hair

Void hole in face and heart

Another person sleeping on a bed

Really bad 70s look (I tried)

Hugging a coat pose with sad eyebrows and bangless short hair

Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/02/28 23:07:30 )

Did the image on my phone so I don’t know what size it is...
So, this is an idea for “clip” accessories (shown as a star but could be anything)
Hair clip, neck/chest clip, belt clip, wrist clip, ankle clip, etc
Would love accessories to add all over for when you need a small touch of color.
Would be great as commons but could be fun as a sound/ice/metal item

Donator — She/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/02/28 23:39:37 )

I would love some items based off fashion from past decades. Like 70's, 80's 90's.

I would like to see more street fashion items and items that have a city vibe. (I'm keeping the definitions loose so that you can imagine what you want)

Items with more gems and/or shiny rocks. I love the pixeling of the gems in the Love Senshi.

I would also love to see items that are smol.


Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/02/29 03:34:32 )
There’s an anime called galilei donna,
Which I’ve never seen...
But we have keychains for it at work
And the outfits are adorable

So, something inspired by that

Voltie — Whatever Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/03/5 02:26:18 )
Are ya ready, guyz?!

We don't have ankle socks how do we not have ankle socks

That height
Those are tabi and geta, if anyone's wandering what I'm wearing

Put ya guns awn!


Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/03/5 03:36:58 )

Teru teru bozu inspired items

Donator — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/03/7 19:25:28 )
Driving past this semi that’s hauling these Caterpillar brand shovel digger things.

But they shortened their name to Cat now on all the construction truck things and I was like “CATerpillar” lol

Anyway, my suggestion is CATerpillar, some kind of caterpillar/cat hybrid

Donator — f Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/03/7 19:39:45 )

Foot bows!


Voltie — she/her Posted 1 month ago ( 2020/03/10 02:03:27 )

I need a fluffy tail to match the yellow/pink/purple ombre colors that Unique Honey Hair has (which I'm always wearing). I'll do anything
Even if its just a recolor of the Jawbreaker item's tails, it would be delightful

Donator — she/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/11 19:49:30 )
I was trying to find a specific creature and I can't remember what it's from.
I was thinking Rainbow Bright but I was wrong. Anyway...
Something rainbow bright inspired?


Donator — she/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/11 20:38:03 )
Also a common that's like a baggy loose sock,
sort of scrunched up over the edge of a shoe, like a smaller/lower leg warmer.
Would be nice if it was lined up to start getting baggy about where the average common shoe is.

I think it would be a cute sock with shoes, or alone

Donator — She/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/11 22:33:33 )

I feel like Voltra needs some cute Mascot characters. You could argue that we have a few but they are more humanoid. What about a mascot or two that's just a cute animal, or a plushie or something like that?
I feel like that would be cute and then you could have different items in the future with that theme?

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Donator — she/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/11 22:59:57 )
Found the thing I was picturing in my head!

It’s from the old cartoon Popples
Would love something inspired by these guys!


Donator — she/her Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/12 20:47:19 )
It's called Honey Bear
Could be more 'dripping honey'ish but I can't draw that. Like a honey hair would be cool.

Alt color ideas, but obviously do your own thing if you do make something like this
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Voltie — ????? Posted 4 weeks ago ( 2020/03/13 19:28:47 )
Might not sound very tasteful but I think it would be really funny to have a background item of stacks of toilet paper, a massive bottle of hand sanitizer, a foreground item that's like a police-tape thing that says CANCELLED on it, some empty shelves, quarantine suits, and some sort of paranoid facial expression
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