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@Dipper: Have more faith in yourself. You can do whatever you set your mind to. You have friends who have your back. Don't be afraid to fall on us if you need to. We're here for you always.

@Dipper: It always makes me happy to see you active and online, and your codes during the Wonderland event were fun. You have such a genuine passion for everything you enjoy, and it shines when you're able to share it. It's really uplifting, and I hope you're doing well.

@Dipper: Can I double dip? Triple dip has to be a thing. Can never have too much light, and you bring a lot. Blinding on Blackout.

"Dipper - I swear you are the most silly and hyper person I've ever met! You're an extremely hard worker and I'm so glad to have your help! I appreciate all you've done for me and the site and we'd be lost without you!"

"For Dipper:
dip - you put in a lot of work for voltra, and a lot of times you're not appreciated enough for it, so..... I APPRECIATE YOU DIP, AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO! Your care and dedication to your job is truly admirable.
I love that you share your art and puppies with us, they're all adorable.... I can see that you're passionate about a number of things, and I'm rooting for you to follow those dreams of yours.
And I know sometimes you worry about saying the wrong things, but just know that you're a good person with a genuinely kind heart, so just be yourself! "

"Sweetest baby Dip... You have a lot of contagious enthusiasm and you always give your all to everything you do. Make sure not to let others take advantage of this okay? Be yourself and embrace all that makes you, you. Trust me, you have a lot worth embracing. Also, don't be afraid to follow your passions. I know there's great things waiting for you."

"I wouldn't say we're particularly close as I only recently started talking to you/getting to know you, but what I can say is that you are definitely a team player. You're always stepping it up, doing work that is outside of your area to ensure that things run smoothly. I know you're under a lot of stress right now, so I hope things get better for you! Keep looking up, 'cause that's where it all is!"

“Dipper you make it so easy to chat and never fail to make something fun, also your art is A+”

"Dipperoni sir editor, thank you for all your help and patience reading the writers pieces!"

:Dipdip (did I give it away already? Shhh...). You are seriously an amazing guy and a great friend. And it is the greatest thing when you peek out of your shell and let us see the deep down, rant-filled you :p I think we would all like to see that side a little more often. You always check in on me when I write my stupid little rants on here and honestly those simple "Are you okay?"s and hug messages mean the world to me. Thank you so much :)

"DIPDIP, we've only started talking recently but you're such a sweetheart. you have so much on your plate right now and i know you're stressed about it...i only wish there was a way to help you out with it all! just don't let yourself get too overwhelmed, alright? you have so much worth and you're doing an AMAZING job.vent to us all you want/need to, buddy. we're there for you. you should share your art with us all more as well! i enjoy seeing your stuff when i log on. :> DIPDIP arts is such a treat to see...i have a sweetooth and demand more. 👀p.s. please send me a pupper, they're too cute. i will name it dipper in your honor.p.s.s. when are we gonna get more info about those characters of yours HUH? we're eagerly waiting to know more about these precious people"

Oh, my poor heart <3

"In the middle of a forest, surrounded by luminescent mushrooms, stands a figure. Mischief rolls off of them in waves, which explains their odd choice of clothing. Suddenly from the silence a dark, manic chuckle begins. It grows and grows as the figure grabs the surrounding mushrooms and starts eating them. Surely it cannot be healthy, with how oddly they glow, but the figure consumes one after another nonetheless. A multi-colored glow forms around them as the maniacal laughter grows. As if the situation weren't strange enough, the figure then begins to slowly turn translucent until they disappear completely.


@dipper: Spark smiles as he cups his chin,"Hey, now that's the kind of passion I like to hear about"

@lithium: "Thank you! I've considered becoming an actor but well, there's not a lot of roles for an immoral bird man, you know? Luckily, I found my home in The Surge! So hey, show your support and tune in, I'll have a special show tomorrow."

Immoral, you say? Huehuehue... XD

@dipper: He smiles warmly, "Man you won't believe how glad I am too... I didn't think it'd be possible. But I love Voltra and I love you guys so much, I'd do whatever it takes to keep you all safe. But this is even better, because I get to catch up on everything I missed firsthand!" Spark pauses for a couple seconds, before waving his hands frantically as he laughs, "OH! Oops, immortal! Hah! Maybe that's what they call a 'Freudian Slip', but I like to believe I'm a good egg!"

Spark smiles at everyone, wings fluttering, "It's a hot update so I'm glad to hear it! It's barely been a few hours back and I already have a juicy information for you guys."

Huehuehue, well, I think you'd make a pretty sweet bad guy if you were. XD

By Ghost


  • Alatariel Alatariel (2 years ago)

    Hi Dipdip :3 (I know you changed your name but still!) Hope you're doing ok

  • Ark Ark (3 years ago)

    Your avatar looks so amazing!

  • star2000shadow star2000shadow (3 years ago)

    Your avi is amazing.

  • Bill Cipher Bill Cipher (4 years ago)

    ((Thanks. Things could be better here. Hopefully you're doing well.))

  • Bill Cipher Bill Cipher (4 years ago)

    ((Nice Avi ))

  • inatlaka inatlaka (5 years ago)

    Thank you! <3 <3


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