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Hey! My name is Miss Kitty, or Kitty for short. Otherwise, you can call me by my real name (and discord name) if you prefer, which is Manda.
Super nice to meet all of you.


  • Reanna Reanna (3 years ago)

    Come back!

  • Raven Mustang Raven Mustang (6 years ago)

    thank you ^^

  • Kale Kale (6 years ago)

    I found a gif of it on tumblr years ago but the computer I had it saved on crashed and I lost it.

  • Kale Kale (6 years ago)

    It is! Its a blooper where they appear to be resetting props to go again. Tarantino is on the floor and Clooney tries to move a chair over him but goes too low and hits his nose.

  • Raven Mustang Raven Mustang (6 years ago)

    out of Curiousity what item makes the ears and tail?

  • Kale Kale (6 years ago)

    Cute avatar!


Coffee, Kitties, Coloring, drawing, writing, anime


Spiders *shudders*


Pretty much everything in my likes and then some