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My main avatar site:

Can always get ahold of me there, if I don't log in here! <3


  • Alethna Alethna (3 months ago)

    awww claire bear is using my pony tail!! it looks so cute!

  • Taffy Taffy (3 months ago)

    I feel like it matches you avatar ^^

  • Taffy Taffy (3 months ago)

    I like your name.

  • Alethna Alethna (6 months ago)

    yeeees babeyyyy

  • Alethna Alethna (8 months ago)

    Psssssssssst, i see you lurking >w>

  • Alia Starchild Alia Starchild (2 years ago)

    Heya Claire Bear! :D

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