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dragoness129 She/Crazy

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  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (3 days ago)

    I feel like it's been years since I last saw you around. Hope you and yours are keeping well~<3

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 weeks ago)

    You look so cute!

  • Gatorlec Gatorlec (1 month ago)

    Hey. Haven't talked to you in a while so I decided to drop in and say hi.

  • Unicorn Unicorn (3 months ago)

    Dragon, how are you doing?

  • star2000shadow star2000shadow (3 months ago)

    just had to say your avi looks amazing.

  • King Wigglytuff King Wigglytuff (5 months ago)

    Oh thank you :))