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This is just one I really like but I really like yungblud lately alot of other music I enjoy as well and I pretty much like all his songs I think they are really good along with this videos. Others I really like are Yungblud - Kill somebody and I really like Yungblud - Medication As well as his most newest one that is getting him more noticed with Halsey 11 minutes. Also very very good video is amazing also when he explains the video as a whole is just beautiful. Many other artist I enjoy he is most certainly top 10 you should check him out sometime maybe you might like him as well.


Hello there I'm Tyler or Tye for short I live in the US I'm pretty boring most days, but I enjoy talking and meeting new people. Not very good at writing bios but who is point is if your down to hangout i'm down to hangout. I'm really nice if people give me a chance I'm willing to be anyone's friend after all that is what I am here for. ^ You have a great day okay I hope you will come talk to me soon because I love to meet new people. <3

I consider myself to have 2 voices I simply talk how I feel and all I ask is you let me be myself. Any other Questions you may message me. Thank you.

Whose to say everyone has only one?

~I am just Tyler and Tyler is all I have to be~

Discord - Tye#5954



Virtual games, Discord, My dog, Talking, Kind people


judgmental people, Not being very good at liking and disliking things


Well I mostly play Virtual world type pc games but other than that I love to walk around and wonder and I'm very into all types of photography but most body photography.