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KokinosDuende Woman

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Yo! I'm hella awkward. Also, I kinda suck at social interactions... So here we are, with me trying to figure out a bio. Honestly I was hoping to make some friends but it's a bit hard since the people in my life wish to not be talked about online, so you're stuck with just me! Although I guess that could be good if you think about it. Less facts to remember. Anywho, just shoot me a message or leave a comment! Is it weird to say love ya? Ahhhh Love ya anyway!


  • Nephila Nephila (2 years ago)

    I love your profile set up! :D


Children's movies, art, cute animals, fashion, water, not hot places, and honestly way more than I could fit in here.


Jerks, no really... I also have this weird problem with certain noises and smells.


I doodle in my spare time, listen to music, watch movies, idk... I'm pretty lame.