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  • nyreen nyreen (2 months ago)

    No, your username is just very similar to an artist I use to comission on there so I was curious to know if it you're the same person!

  • nyreen nyreen (2 months ago)

    Did you use to do art on Ernya/Trisphee?

  • Hazer Hazer (5 months ago)

    Love your avatar, kind of reminds me of a shrine priestess.

  • Rallaa Rallaa (5 months ago)

    For Violet!

  • Hazer Hazer (7 months ago)

    Love your post art. :D

  • Boss Rimi Boss Rimi (7 months ago)

    As for the insurance thing. I'm waiting until February. If it doesn't show up then, Imma have to go to the offices/call.


Art, games, films and tv shows, reading, all animals, adventures and family


Burning my food (happens too often)


Escaping to worlds in my mind


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