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My mother is an orchardist and I grew up with apple trees. I own a lot of stuffed animals, particularly owls. I'm a borderline Disney Adult, I guess, but only because I really like some of the animated films and rewatch them constantly and have collected a bit of paraphernalia. I have a sentimental heart, for better or worse, but I always try to keep it positive and light-hearted. Spreading mirth and providing comfort is important for me.


  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 years ago)

    Awwww - thanks for the profile comment - I hope you're doing well too! :3

    ... also... *First Post*! XD <3 (<--- I've wanted a chance to do that for years! LOL!)


apples, music, my family, the beach, sunshine, coffee, trees and arborist business, maritime culture




apple growing and pomology, music, poetry, prose writing, karaoke and dancing, baking, fashion